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Forecast 2016's biggest education trends

District Administration is looking for thought leaders to forecast 2016's education trends in our special January 2016 Outlook edition. We are looking for informative, fun and engaging predictions across the entire spectrum of K12 education—from technology to funding to the Common Core. To participate, please follow the link to fill out a short form.

Be a source for our Do-It-Yourself story

Has your district built its own digital curriculum, LMS, data system, websites or other tech solutions? Share your story and help other school leaders customize their academic innovations. Please follow the link so we can contact you.

Infographic: Who is using Common Core?

The Common Core has been implemented in 43 states since 2010 (two of which are now reviewing whether to continue using it). Many of these states have affirmed the standards but renamed them.

New school year brings testing changes

Public outcry over new standards-aligned tests led some states to cut funding, changing the exam landscape for 2015-16. As of this July, just 18 states remained in Smarter Balanced, and 10 (plus Washington, D.C.) had stuck with PARCC.

A patchwork of homeschool policies

In the absence of federal homeschooling guidelines, states have created provisions for such students that vary widely from one place to another. At the same time, the lines between homeschooling and the public ed system are beginning to blur.

Year-round schooling gains popularity

Back-to-school has become a thing of the past in an increasing number of districts that keep class in session all year. The number of public, year-round schools—also called “balanced-calendar” schools—increased by 26 percent from 2007 to 2012 accounting for about 4 percent of all public schools.

Confronting race, racism and privilege in schools

Although the country is becoming increasingly diverse, our schools remain racially and economically segregated. High poverty schools with large proportions of students of color often have less experienced teachers, more transitory populations and challenges in providing a safe environment.

The latest in meal payment software

Serving meals in schools has changed dramatically over the last few decades. With the latest software, administrators and parents can access account balances, allergies and other important information from their computers or mobile devices.

Superintendent connects students with career paths

Superintendent David Tebo, and administrators in Hamilton Community Schools in western Michigan, develop partnerships with local employers and community organizations to offer students work experiences meant to foster a school-to-career mindset.

Edtech purchasing: What CIOs need to know

As the lines between instructional and technology budgets blur, CIOs can improve their district’s procurement procedures to get what their classrooms need from an increasingly complex edtech market.