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Delaware charter school audits under scrutiny

Charters are required to have audits done, but currently the schools decide who audits them. Under a new proposal, the state Auditor's Office would not directly audit the schools, but would select the firms that do the audits and set the rules for what the firms should be looking for.

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On alert, online

Only a handful of school districts attempt rigorous, round-the-clock monitoring of social media traffic to spot threats against their schools or students. Leaders in these districts say the extra level of security acts as an early-warning system that can prevent young people from hurting themselves or others.

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Go after college-and-career readiness grants

Data shows that nearly every racial and ethnic subgroup has seen a growth in graduation rates. There are lots of grants out there to continue the progress—make sure your district is ready to go after them.

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Teaching as it should be

In The Teaching Brain: An Evolutionary Trait at the Heart of Education, Vanessa Rodriguez and co-author Michelle Fitzpatrick go to the intersection of education, neuroscience and daily experience to explore how the mind of a teacher works, and more important, how it can be made more effective.

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Arizona students immersed in Spanish and Chinese

Immersing students at Cave Creek USD with foreign language catapulted them above state average test scores. Superintendent Debbi C. Burdick and the governing board launched a world language program that included Spanish and Chinese programs beginning in elementary school.

South Carolina district gains access to science series

Discovery Education and Spartanburg School District 2 expanded their 10-year partnership to bring Discovery Education’s Science Techbook series to elementary and middle school classrooms districtwide.

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A success story just outside Detroit

A mentorship program’s $200 incentive for academic achievement is motivating students in a district located in the heart of the declining automotive industry. "Champions of Wayne" was created by a school psychologist who mentored a handful of students and engraved their names on a trophy if they achieved an academic goal.

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Shift to anonymous apps creates new challenges

Parents have taken over Facebook and, to a lesser extent, Twitter. This has sent device-laden students flocking to social media apps such as Instagram, SnapChat and Yik Yak, and the shift has created new challenges for administrators trying to root out cyberbullying and threats of violence.

DIRECTV and Teach For America expand access to math education

The education nonprofit and DIRECTV partnered to support Teach For America's national efforts to recruit, train and support math educators across the country with its Los Angeles, Oklahoma and Colorado regions receiving dedicated funding.

Music Prodigy offers new music assessment tool to teachers

Music Prodigy Quiz is a comprehensive music classroom student evaluation tool for general music students, ensemble students and university students. Teachers can select from the test question database or create their own questions in a variety of formats in one assessment.