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Charter school bill heads to Delaware Senate

The Delaware State Board of Education can study more closely the impact charter schools have on surrounding districts and impose conditions on them under new proposed legislation. It replaces a more controversial bill that allowed board officials to reject new charters based on the impact they would have on existing schools.

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Ohio voters approve 69 percent of school levies

Ohio voters approved 69 percent of the school levies on the May 6 ballot, the second-highest approval rate in the last decade. Statewide, Ohioans voted in favor of 102 of 148 school taxes on the primary ballot. Voters approved 90 percent of renewal taxes but only 41 percent of new ones.

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Teacher attacks: Is there pressure not to report school violence?

In its investigation of workman comp claims in Baltimore, the Baltimore Sun found last year nearly 300 claims were filed by Baltimore school employees because of injuries received through assaults or altercations on the job. The report was so shocking to city leaders, they will hold hearings to look into the problem.

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Are test boycotts a growing trend?

At the bottom of the issue of teachers boycotting tests is the fact that federal, state and city bureaucracies keep imposing more and more standardized tests on schools. There seems to be little thought of how this will impact teachers, principals and teacher’s aides.

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The positives of uniformity

Acknowledging that education exists not only as an academic, but also as a social and socializing experience for children, it can be argued that a uniform or dress code remains exponentially beneficial.

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Parental involvement overrated? Don't buy it

A rapidly growing body of research looks at whether low-cost parental engagement interventions can cause changes in student performance. Results from randomized experiments suggest that involving parents is a potent, cost-effective and scalable way to increase student achievement in a number of settings.

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Who should pay to guard schoolchildren against Mother Nature?

It's worth debating what's the most fiscally responsible approach to building shelters against natural disasters: that is, whether to raise more money or to fund the projects from existing tax revenue. But leaving schoolchildren's safety up to the whims (and resources) of local voters is the wrong way to go.

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Mass. city to expand school construction and major capital projects department

Springfield's Department of Capital Asset Construction, which oversees major public construction projects, including new school buildings, will be expanding its ranks to include a new director, senior project manager and project manager.The department presently outsources these responsibilities to private project management firms for as much as $30,000 a month.

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Maryland orders study to find money for school construction

Maryland's Interagency Committee on School Construction has been ordered to work with other state departments on a study on school construction. The committee is charged with making recommendations to increase funding for school construction, including the use of lease payments or other alternative financing methods.

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Fuel Education expands 2014-2015 catalog

Fuel Education is expanding its portfolio of more than 500 online and blended courses and titles for pre-K12 with over 25 new additions for the 2014-2015 school year. Multiple new math courses for middle and high school students, new career readiness electives and more have been added.