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Delay the dreaded middle school years, study says

A new study published in the journal Psychology of Women Quarterly found that delaying middle school might help girls remain free of body image issues until at least slightly later in life. They studied three different populations: junior high (grades K-6 together in one school and 7-8 in another), middle school (grades K5 and 6-8) and extended middle school (K4 and 5-8).

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California high school exit exam results released

Statistics released by the California Department of Education show the statewide average of students passing the California High School Exit Exam continues to rise. About 95 percent of California seniors of the class of 2014 passed both the English-language arts and math portions compared to 90.4 percent in 2006.

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San Francisco school board passes 'golden ticket’ perk to lure students

The San Francisco school board decided to give students who attend the new Willie Brown Jr. Middle School for all three years their pick of city high schools. It’s a powerful enticement — a golden ticket — given the cutthroat lottery for the district’s most desirable high schools.

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Mayor vows to end cellphone ban in New York City schools

Mayor de Blasio promised to lift the cellphone ban in schools that was implemented under his predecessor. He suggested that the ban is being unevenly enforced and pledged to develop a plan that will apply to all schools. Under current policy, students caught with phones on school property may have them confiscated for the day and may face detention.

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Portland school board approves plan to spend $16.8 million windfall

Portland Public Schools will hire about 25 new teachers and boost high school support staff by 8.35 positions, after the district school board voted to immediately spend $3.5 million of a recently discovered $16.8 million windfall on staffing up. The larger plan calls for spending $13 million while placing the remaining $3.8 million in savings.

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Philadelphia judge denies charter's request for emergency funds

In denying Walter D. Palmer Leadership Learning Partners Charter's emergency petition for funds, the judge said that Philadelphia School District was not compelled to pay for students above the 675-student enrollment cap in its charter. The school has enrolled 1,300 students. The school district is moving to close the school due to financial irregularities and poor academics.

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U.S. Education Department opens civil rights investigation

The U.S. Education Department has opened an investigation into charges that the Recovery School District's policy of closing and chartering New Orleans public schools violated the civil rights of African-American students.

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Beyond the MCAS tests

The MCAS tests were never expected to be the last word in academic evaluation in Massachusetts. The Common Core and the PARCC tests are a reasonable attempt to take the state's standards and evaluation regime to the next level. Educators should give it a shot and make it work – while keeping a balanced perspective about the value and limitations of any standardized tests.

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American Graduate Day aims to encourage graduation

American Graduate Day 2014 returns this fall with seven hours of national and local programming, live interviews and performances. Broadcast and streamed live with host Wes Moore on September 27, the multiplatform event is part of the American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen initiative, helping communities bolster graduation rates through local public media stations.

Classworks partners with Clever to tie in SIS data with digital learning

Classworks and Clever are partnering to integrate student information system (SIS) data with a digital learning solution. Through Clever Instant Login, teachers and students will be able to access Classworks with just one login while school, teacher, class and student data will be continuously updated as it changes.