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Gender segregation in schools is bad policy

Honest discussion about what sexual identity is, how it defines our cultural norms, and how traditional sex and gender roles limit our collective development will offer real opportunities for creating safe and non-discriminatory public schools.

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Agricultural education a missed opportunity, N.Y. area farmers say

While agriculture experts are thrilled by an agricultural boom in New York, they fear that a lack of agriculture options in public education, both for students and teachers, will thwart possible agriculture growth in the state.

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Be a source for our early-college high school story

We are looking to speak with districts that have collaborated with higher education to launch early-college high school programs that are offering students college credit while also better preparing them for the rigors of college coursework. To tell us and our readers about your innovative program, please click the link.

Connecticut education officials consider change in social studies curriculum

The Connecticut Elementary and Secondary Social Studies Frameworks curriculum proposal is a model that local districts can use but is not state mandated. The instruction focuses on students not only knowing the answers to key questions in history, economics, geography and civics but also understanding what questions to ask to separate out valuable information.

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JumpStart debuts new website hub

A new brand website has been launched by JumpStart at www.jumpstart.com to house all of its web and mobile offerings, including the company's learning-based games and game-themed worlds.

Deer Lakes School District hires superintendent

Avella Area superintendent Janell Logue-Belden has been named as the Pennsylvania district's new superintendent. She will replace Janet Ciramella, who will retire in April after 25 years in the district, including the past two as superintendent.

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Maine city's school superintendent steps down

Citing a desire to return to more classroom-oriented work, South Portland Superintendent of Schools Suzanne Godin will resign effective June 30, 2015.

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Quick vote for Seattle school superintendent questioned

After soliciting little public comment, the Seattle School Board plans to vote this week on whether to offer interim Superintendent Larry Nyland the district’s top job for the next two and a half years.

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Private school vouchers need accountability

Wisconsin’s voucher school program needs more accountability, based on objective measures of success. Public money for private school vouchers should be pulled if evidence shows bad results and no improvement.

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Better school nutrition begins at home

The U.S.' healthy foods school program must continue because the savings in health care costs that will be realized if future adults eat healthier will be considerable. Parents also need to do better for their kids by doing better for themselves.

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