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SANS Inc. announces new version of language lab software

SANS Inc. has released Version 14.3 of the Sony Virtuoso and Sony Soloist digital language lab software. Enhancements include error detection and correction as well as Quality of Service settings for the SANSTalk Audio Router Software.

Massachusetts vo-tech school names superintendent

The Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School Committee voted to offer the vacant superintendent’s position to Sheila M. Harrity, principal of Worcester Technical High School.

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Michael Ross named to assume Pa. superintendent role next year

If all goes as planned, Michael Ross will be the new superintendent of the Union School District by next summer. He is currently a high school principal in the district. The board hired Michael Hink as interim superintendent for the current school year after Superintendent Alfonso Angelucci left in June.

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Elk Grove USD welcomes new superintendent, Christopher Hoffman

Christopher Hoffman has been named as the California district's superintendent, overseeing 62,500 students in 64 schools. He previously headed up the El Dorado Union High School District with nine schools spread over 1,200 square miles. Hoffman's predecessor, Steven Ladd, retired after nine years as superintendent.

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Pa. passes education bill that deals with construction and accountability

The state House passed a multi-faceted education bill that streamlines the school construction approval process, creates a publicly accessible database to monitor school spending, and puts into law an option for dealing with school closures due to weather emergencies.

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Amendment would raise bar for unfunded mandates for Ala. districts

A statewide amendment on the November 2014 ballot would make it harder for the Alabama Legislature to impose new requirements on school systems without providing money to pay for the changes. Supporters say it would provide schools with the same protections city and county governments have had for years.

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Number of students in high-performing Denver schools dips slightly

The number of Denver students in high-performing schools in Denver declined 1 percent from 2013 to 2014, according to data released by Denver Public Schools. Of the district’s 154 schools, 60 percent of students attend a school rated in the top two categories.

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Bethlehem Area school district to appeal charter expansion to state court

The district plans to appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court a lower court ruling that could allow a Bethlehem charter school to open a second location. The legal battle centers around the charter school wanting to open a dedicated middle school in a shuttered Catholic school. Bethlehem school officials argue state law prohibits that.

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School absence policies examined after child deaths in South Carolina

In the wake of the deaths of five Lexington County children, some weigh whether a statewide, uniform policy on school absences is needed. According to the State Department of Education, there is no uniform requirement on when and how schools should notify parents of an absent student.

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Homelessness on the rise among school-age children

New Education Department statistics say 1.3 million homeless children were enrolled in U.S. schools in the 2012-2013 school year, an 8 percent increase from the previous school year. School districts reported that nearly 76,000 of these students were living on their own.

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