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A role for community science clubs

Science teachers typically have no extra time for adding new curriculum, little time for their own professional development, and no discretionary budget to support their lessons with new equipment or field trips. If retired scientists could organize a community effort and work with teachers, they could help enhance science education.

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U.S. school principals are quicker to label their students as poor

American principals are more likely to say their students are poor, when compared to principals in other countries where poverty rates are much higher, according to survey data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

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Unions put teachers on streets for votes

Teachers unions are struggling to protect their political clout, but as the midterm elections approach, they’re fighting back with their most popular asset: the teachers themselves. Backed by tens of millions in cash and new data mining tools that let them personalize pitches to voters, the unions are sending armies of educators to run a huge get-out-the-vote effort.

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Hundreds of New York City schools change start time

More than 450 city schools will change the start time of classes in September to comply with rules in the new teachers union contract to set aside extra time for teacher training and parent conferences. Some parents say they had no say in the impending widespread change and will have to overhaul their own schedules and disrupt their children's lives to get them to school on time.

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Pinellas School Board gives early approval to $1.2 billion budget

The Florida county gave preliminary approval to a $1.2 billion budget, which includes a general operating fund increase of nearly 13.1 million this year to $878.8 million. The school district will also see a nearly $25 million increase in state funding.

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Survey: 56 percent of parents grade technology at schools adequate

About half of parents and students feel their schools are adequate technology-wise, according to a survey from the Center for the Digital Future. Over half of the surveyed parents said they think the technological facilities at their child's school are adequate, with 15 percent disagreeing and the remainder taking no view.

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More schools open their doors to the whole community

While instruction has ended for the summer, local school classrooms remain open as part of a wider trend around the country of "community schools," where public and private groups bring services closer to students and residents year round and, in some cases, help boost student performance.

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STEM charter school approved in California county

A petition to create a STEM-focused charter school for high school students has been approved by the Merced County Board of Education to open in 13 months. The move is opposed by a number of the county's 20 local school districts.

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Compass Learning and Renaissance Learning partnership announced

Compass Learning and Renaissance Learning are integrating Renaissance Learning’s STAR reading and math data with the newly released suite of solutions from Compass Learning this fall. The partnership will provide educators tools to assess each student’s proficiency and automatically assign personalized learning paths.

James Patterson and myON look to increase student engagement

James Patterson is offering special access to his new book, Treasure Hunters, to all students using myON. The first in a new series of books, Treasure Hunters tells the adventures of the Kidd family as they embark on a quest for treasure.