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South Dakota’s surplus funds could help raise teacher salaries

The state had a budget surplus for the fourth year. Public education could have used some of those funds. One would think that in lieu of the criticism school districts face from many legislators every year that perhaps some districts may actually be correct when they state they are underfunded.

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Update released for school accounting product

FINACS Version 3 – Accounting for Administrator’s Plus will include new navigation, format, search and payment features, including ACH capability for receiving payments.

New computer data recovery system debuted

Prosoft Engineering, Inc. released Data Rescue ONE, a new complete recovery solution that combines software, hardware and services into one product. The product also includes support and data recovery services to ensure data is recovered safely.

Interactive math system now includes geometry

The high school software line in the Think Through Math instructional (TTM) system has been expanded to include geometry. TTM Geometry combines live tutoring from state-certified math teachers and adaptive instruction.

Kansas must do more for teachers and schools

As Kansas education officials were expressing angst this month over reports of teachers leaving their jobs at an alarming rate, the Olathe School District announced plans for closing a $2 million budget hole. Among the cost-cutting measures: The demise of a one-on-one mentoring program for first-year teachers.

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Maine public schools look to woo students from overseas

In Maine, several private schools and academies have sizeable international programs with admissions departments to lead efforts to spread the school’s reach overseas. Smaller public programs often are one-person shops, perhaps the principal or a guidance counselor, who occasionally take recruiting trips overseas.

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A principal concern: 1 in 3 Dallas ISD schools will have new leaders in fall

When classes start next month, Dallas ISD expects to have more schools with new principals than at any time in a decade or more.

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New tests, reading law for Arizona schools

With the use of a new statewide assessment — AzMERIT — test scores for reading, writing and math will be released later than usual — in October — and will likely be much different than AIMS results, as it uses more rigorous standards.

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Ohio’s rural schools are online leaders on state tests

State officials were surprised by the number of rural schools that tested all their students online: 24 percent of 231 districts, the largest rate among any category of districts.

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Pre-K and charter schools, perfect together

Both charter schools and publicly funded pre-K can improve learning for children in poverty. Together, they have the potential to do even more to close the achievement gap for at-risk students.

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