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TabPilot launches MDM version 5.0 with teacher tools for iPad

A new version of TabPilot's school-specific mobile device management solution has been updated to allow teachers to freeze iPad screens in the classroom, automatically connect a student iPad to an Apple TV device to show student work on a classroom projector and more.

Era of overspending must end at Chicago Public Schools

CPS has run up annual operating deficits of about $500 million since fiscal 2011. The deficit is projected to soar to $737 million in the fiscal year that ends June 30 on a budget of $5.83 billion.

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If da Vinci designed our schools

If we conjured up Leonardo da Vinci and asked him to critique our public school system, he would be appalled by the way our high schools segregate students according to the “academic” and the “vocational.”

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Report shows Indianapolis Public Schools needs to hire hundreds of staff

A new report shows right now, just about a month from the start of the school year, the district has hundreds of openings, many for teaching positions.

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Some Montana schools missing vaccine benchmark, new state data shows

One in eight Montana elementary schools has vaccination rates too low to ensure immunity from outbreaks of measles or whooping cough, newly released state data shows.

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Minnesota’s neediest schools have fewer tenured staff

Minnesota is taking aim at social and institutional forces that put the least experienced and least qualified teachers in the state’s neediest schools.

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Where girls are missing out on high-school sports

Nearly 4,500 public high-schools across the United States have large gender inequality in sports and could be in violation of Title IX.

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House passes Ohio budget, giving many schools more money

State lawmakers have given final approval to a new two-year, $71.2 billion budget that provides annual state funding increases averaging at least 3 percent for 329 school districts.

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Move to restrict construction noise near NYC schools

A bill to curb construction noise near schools is being pushed by some New York City Council members concerned about the effect on learning but is facing resistance from the building industry, which sees it as impractical.

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Albany middle schools, public and charter, struggle to succeed

As the school year draws to a close, an educational crisis continues to grow for the city's middle school students.

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