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Utah Legislature should look to keep school board elections nonpartisan

Utah's Senate has passed a bill injecting partisan politics into elections for the state school board and for school boards in large districts. Attempts to turn state and local school board races into partisan contests are solutions looking for a problem, and they would create far too many new problems of their own.

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Stop bickering over standards and fund schools

Recent proposals gloss over the fact that Arizona's education system is already underfunded when compared to the rest of the nation. If Arizona funded an equivalent of the national average per pupil, its classroom percentage would far exceed the 61 percent goal set by the governor.

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Mississippi Department of Education adds iCEV

The state has added CEV Multimedia's iCEV as a state-approved curriculum for career and technical education programs. As part of the 2014-15 Instructional Materials Adoption, Mississippi schools can choose to implement iCEV’s seven family and consumer science courses and 11 business and marketing courses.

New Jersey district chooses Christopher W. Heilig as top leader

Christopher W. Heilig will become the new superintendent of schools for the Rancocas Valley Regional High School District. He is leaving the Lenape Regional High School District as director of programs and planning to take the new post.

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Mike Thomason hired by Higley USD

The Arizona district has tapped Mike Thomason to be its next superintendent. Thomason, who succeeds the retiring Denise Birdwell, is currently the assistant superintendent of operations for the Higley district.

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New superintendent named for Maine district

Schools in Freeport, Pownal and Durham will have a new superintendent in September. Regional School Unit 5 voted to hire Edward McDonough, who is currently the superintendent in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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N.J. schools split $5.2 million in new school aid under proposed budget

New Jersey's roughly 600 school districts would share just $5.2 million in new school aid dollars next year under Gov. Chris Christie's proposed state budget, with the vast majority getting no increase at all, according to new state aid figures.

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Bibb County school district appoints new superintendent

Curtis L. Jones has been named as Georgia district's new school superintendent. Jones comes to Bibb County by way of Griffin-Spalding County, where he has served as superintendent since 2009.

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Vouchers increase public, private school gap

With voucher enrollment growing dramatically, it’s worth considering how long the public school system can remain in place. At the same time lawmakers are preparing to shift dollars from public schools serving students from poverty to wealthier school districts, they also are preparing to steer millions more to private schools.

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School bond rollover bill debated in Nevada Assembly

A controversial bill that would extend a bond rollover program to address pressing school construction needs in Clark County ran into tough questioning in an Assembly committee. The bill would allow the rollover for 10 years without requiring voter approval and also exempt school construction projects from the state prevailing wage law.

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