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Florida governor signs bill to scale back testing

Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill that seeks to cut testing in Florida's public schools. The bill was passed by the Florida Legislature last week, in response to a too-much testing outcry from teachers and parents across the state.

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Rigorous review of Nashville charter schools needed

The Metro Nashville Public School Board needs to adopt tougher accountability and transparency standards for charters. The proliferation of new charters in the Nashville metro area is forcing existing under-funded public schools to compete for the same taxpayer dollars without proper checks and balances.

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School lunches are a national-security issue

What’s on kids’ school-lunch trays can have an impact that reaches far beyond the cafeteria — even to the frontlines where America's men and women serve. Nearly one in three young adults is too heavy to serve in the military. We should continue to support schools that are having a tougher time meeting healthier standards.

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Vermont eases off school mergers

The Vermont Agency of Education's deputy secretary told lawmakers that the agency wanted to back away from mandatory components of the state's education reform bill, which passed the House last month. The agency wants to pursue voluntary steps toward school district consolidation.

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Maryland city's school leader proposes budget of $1.3 billion

Baltimore city schools CEO Gregory Thornton proposed a $1.3 billion budget that includes fewer central office staff and 40 more classroom teachers. The central office's budget will decrease by $17.8 million through cost-cutting and departmental reorganizations and by cutting 120 funded positions.

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First Katrina state takeover school returns to New Orleans control

After more than nine years after the Louisiana Recovery School District took over 100 New Orleans schools, the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approved the contract Martin Luther King Jr. Charter has signed with the Orleans Parish School Board.

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Iowa school district gives all employees pink slips

The state's schools have to submit certified budgets this week for the next school year, but state lawmakers still haven't agreed how much money those schools can spend. This has prompted one school district to prepare for the worst case scenario by giving all its employees pink slips.

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Los Angeles school district approves plan for all-girls schools

For the first time, LAUSD will open two all-girls' schools next fall. One will be a science-oriented school overseen directly by LAUSD while the other will be an independently operated, district-authorized charter school.

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CK-12 integrates with Blackboard products

Through this integration, schools and districts that use Blackboard’s teaching and learning solutions will now be able to access and build courses leveraging CK-12 Foundation’s content. CK-12’s K-12 STEM platform provides a combination of adaptive STEM practice material and recommended learning material at no cost.

Lewiston-Porter school system promotes Paul J. Casseri

Paul J. Casseri, the current principal of the New York district’s high school, has been chosen to succeed R. Christopher Roser as superintendent. Casseri has served in his current position for a decade.

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