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San Francisco to require private schools to be seismically evaluated

San Francisco will become the first city in California to close a major loophole in laws that are supposed to keep schoolchildren safe during earthquakes. The city's board of supervisors approved a law that would require private schools to find out if classroom buildings would collapse in an earthquake.

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University of North Carolina revamping teacher education

A proposed program redesign at the university would raise the requirements for many aspiring preschool, elementary and middle school teachers. Instead of offering a teaching bachelor’s degree, the school plans to offer a master’s of arts in teaching program that could be completed in about one additional year with undergraduate or summer course work.

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Give children with food allergies access to emergency medicine at school

Current law requires a prescription for epinephrine use in schools. The problem with that approach, however, is that approximately 25 percent of all first-time allergic reactions happen at schools, meaning many students and their families have no idea that they are allergic or will need a prescription until it is likely too late.

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Virginia district superintendent to retire

Wythe County Schools Superintendent Lee Brannon will reitre at the end of this school year. Brannon became the local school superintendent in 2009.

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Former Buffalo school superintendent lands California job

Pamela C. Brown has gotten a new start and a new job title as chief of elementary schools for the 40,000-student Fontana USD in California. Brown will supervise 29 elementary schools out of 45 the district operates.

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California school district taps Schneider Electric for energy efficiency

Snowline Joint USD received $365,000 in approved funding as part of an energy savings performance contract for its first-year Proposition 39 allocation. Proposition 39 funding allows for much needed lighting upgrades and other building improvements with Schneider Electric.

Five additional districts join Miss. education funding lawsuit

Five Mississippi school districts have joined the fight to recover their share of almost $134 million owed to them by the Mississippi under the Mississippi Adequate Education Program. The new districts will be joined into the same legal action with the original 14 districts that allege the state violated laws requiring full funding of the MAEP formula.

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Pre-school revamp announced by Louisiana

Starting in October, state officials will take several steps to revamp Louisiana's publicly funded early childhood education programs. The state's education department will manage early-childhood programs while pre-school report cards will measure teaching, care and education. Coordinated enrollment systems, increased funding and other elements will be included in the changes.

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California school district rewrites menu for student lunches

For children across the country, returning to school means eating mass-produced lunches. But Oakland's school system is implementing an ambitious plan to transform their lunch program to provide healthier, locally-sourced food.

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School districts reviewing emergency protocols after player's collapse

After a recent student athlete's collapse and emergency medical situation, several school districts around the Kansas City area are reviewing their policies in the unfortunate event that a high school athlete collapses during a game. All have similar protocols that dictate how the situation is handled from the team trainers to the hospital.

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