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Bill to divert district funds to charter schools approved by Florida House

The Florida House approved a controversial proposal that could require school districts to share tens of millions of dollars in construction funds with rival charter schools.

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New version of math learning app launched by Tabtor

Tabtor's redesigned Tabtor app, currently available for download in iOS and Android versions, now features a more intuitive navigation structure and new gaming elements. The app features multimedia math tutorials and adaptive analytics.

Ransomware attack takes N.J. district captive, delaying statewide PARCC testing

Staff and students of Swedesboro-Woolwich were unable to access computer programs, files and other network-related services for several days due to a ransomware malware attack. The attack has interfered not only with day-to-day academic activities, but also district email servers and the statewide PARCC test.

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Yaskawa Motoman introduces STEM platform for education development

The STEM Robotics Platform is designed specifically for classrooms, robotics labs and robotics training centers. Material handling and welding platforms are available and include robots that are speed-limited for enhanced student safety.

When teaching to the test means survival, children lose

When schools and the professionals who run them live or die by test scores, it should be no surprise when teaching to the test becomes a survival tactic. Rich, transformative, far-from-standardized experiences are what truly motivate and challenge children and deeply engage them in learning.

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Seeking fairness in high school football

Some of New Jersey's non-public high school football teams have gotten so good that some local public schools no longer want to play them. The state body that oversees high school sports is proposing to split the two high school football groups. Scheduling and restructuring may pose problems, but it would be preferable to mismatches and forfeits.

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Les Tubb officially named as Brunswick County Schools' superintendent

Les Tubb had been the North Carolina district's interim superintendent since the board terminated former Superintendent Edward Pruden's contract in November. Tubb, who has been with Brunswick County Schools since 1975, has served the county as a principal, director of athletics and career technical education director.

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New superintendent of Belgrade Public Schools chosen

Leland Stocker has been selected by the Montana district to serve as its new superintendent. Stocker is currently serving as the assistant superintendent and personnel director for Havre Public Schools.

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Washington district picks top leader

Calvin J. Watts, an assistant superintendent for Gwinnett County Public Schools in Suwanee, Ga., will be the Kent School District's next superintendent. He will succeed Edward Lee Vargas, who stepped down in October after six years in Kent to accept a nonprofit position.

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Alabama county's school board approves plan for reductions in force

In a move meant to address inequities in staffing and stall the county board's reliance on its fund reserves to cover operating costs, the Jefferson County Board of Education approved a financial recovery plan that will lay off more than 160 positions and switch many employees on 12-month contracts to 10-month contracts.

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