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$562 million slated for school construction in Orange County

Overcrowded K12 schools in the Florida county have led to a $562 million plan that includes 16 new school facilities and comprehensive renovations in three others. The most expensive project, at $97.8 million, is a new high school that will hold a capacity of nearly 3,000 students.

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Schools cannot be open carry zones

Allowing guns to be openly carried in public schools only exacerbates the fear and uncertainty of both staff and students. Enacting legislation banning guns in public schools would help provide students with the safe learning environment they need to focus on learning and exploring.

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Starting school after Labor Day has many benefits

It would give teachers — who have to return to classrooms in the heat of mid-August — the break they need to recharge their batteries and to spend more quality time with their own families. Students would have greater opportunity to learn life lessons outside the classroom and small businesses that lose seasonal workers would get a much-needed boost.

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Bureaucracy, politics caused teacher shortage in Nevada district

The Clark County School District's almost 800 vacant teaching positions is a massive policy failure compounded by protectionism. By retaining bureaucratic barriers to the licensing of educators, the system is forced to fill hundreds of classrooms with substitute teachers, the very people those barriers are designed to keep out of schools.

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Chicago school budget approved amid protests, hunger strike

Members of the Chicago Board of Education voted to pass the budget for Fiscal Year 2016 as three different protests took place across the city in opposition to some of the proposed cuts. The budget calls for $200 million in cuts and approval of more than $1 billion in bonds, after the board agreed to $1.2 billion last month.

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Be a source for our Do-It-Yourself story

Has your district built its own digital curriculum, LMS, data system, websites or other tech solutions? Share your story and help other school leaders customize their academic innovations. Please follow the link so we can contact you.

Nebraska releases school test scores

Nearly three of every four public school students in Nebraska met state standards in 2015, according to the state education commissioner. Overall this year, more Nebraska students met the state standards in reading, writing, math and science.

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Declining kindergarten numbers in Idaho

There are about 1,000 fewer kindergartners enrolled in Idaho's public schools this year than last year, continuing a three-year decline in kindergarten enrollment.

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St. Cloud Somalis hope bullying won't return for new school year

About 20 percent of the students at Tech High are Somali. Following a bullying incident, the Minnesota district has been scrambling to address the criticism. It's added community and school liaison positions, more cultural awareness training for teachers and other moves designed to build closer ties between the school staff and the growing Somali student body.

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Worrying about child's safety at school

Twenty-nine percent of U.S. parents say they fear for their child's safety at school while 10 percent of U.S. parents of K12 students say their child has expressed worries about his or her safety at school. This figure has been fairly consistent since 2003.

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