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Connecticut school debates allowing police dog searches

The Middletown school board is considering an update to its search-and-seizure policy that would give the superintendent the power to order police dog teams to search a school.

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Students at elite high schools come from wealthier neighborhoods, data shows

Fueling an ongoing debate about high school admissions, the Independent Budget Office found that only 11 percent of students at New York City's specialized high schools live in the city’s lowest-income census tracts, compared to 30 percent of students at other high schools.

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California parents are ill-informed about school reforms, poll finds

The state has ushered in new academic standards, statewide testing and school finance reform in recent years, but the majority of public-school parents remain ill-informed about them, a new poll has found.

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Washington state teachers strike over pay

Thousands of teachers across the state held the first in a planned series of one-day strikes to demand higher pay, better benefits and a reduction in class sizes. The strikes forced the cancellation of classes in two districts and a half day at a third.

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We need know-how, not higher test scores

Our education system is aimed in the wrong direction and doing little of substance to prepare students to be truly ready for a career. We are focusing on test scores that mean nothing to the students who are taking the tests and nothing to businesses that are looking, sometimes desperately, for workers to replace a rapidly aging work force.

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Illinois district to implement InfoSnap registration solution

Bloom Township High School District will move from a paper-based system to an online solution for student registration. InfoSnap’s integration with PowerSchool will offer real-time, on-demand data transfer between the two systems to streamline data collection for new and annual student registration.

A new season of collaboration and possibility in school health

With so much on their plates already, the teachers, administrators, parents and staff who lead school health efforts need strong support to adopt health-promoting policies and practices. School district wellness policies, mandated by federal law, need to be more comprehensive.

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Mvix systems boost communication in Delaware district

Capital School District implemented multi-campus digital signage systems across the district's 10 schools. Mvix’s digital signage solution, bundled with its web-based software, provides a centralized, cloud-based network that can be managed from any location while eliminating the need for onsite storage servers.

Shmoop adds prep materials for native Spanish-speaking students

Shmoop University is expanding its materials to offer premium test prep material in Spanish for the SAT and ACT exams, the GED test and the CAHSEE, as well as English-language Texas EOC prep.

Philadelphia schools want to reward innovation

The Philadelphia school system wants to open more new high schools and continue a program that encourages teachers, principals and community organizations to overhaul schools from within. The new small high schools would be neighborhood schools without admissions criteria, and would open first to ninth graders, adding one grade each year.

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