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It's time to scrutinize Common Core standards through rigorous review process

Common Core does deserve close scrutiny. However, it deserves to be examined in light of specific goals that may exist on the state level.

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A better way to market school lunch programs

When schools made healthy foods more convenient and attractive, research shows not only does fruit and vegetable waste return to pre-guideline levels, but also more kids buy lunch.

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Pa. needs to fix the way it pays for its public schools

Pennsylvania's state leaders must do more to provide transparency and assurance that basic education funding will support every community's schools well and through a fair, predictable basic education funding formula.

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Massachusetts district has spent more than $1 million on security

The city of Springfield has allocated well over $1 million for security maintenance and further enhancements recently, including equipping schools with cameras, door buzzers and other security equipment and personnel.

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Blackboard launches new learning solutions portfolio

Blackboard has debuted a tiered set of solutions addressing challenges such as retention, student engagement, learning analytics, communications and standards preparedness. The company is offering five K12 solutions that center on teaching and learning and community engagement.

Gaggle expands integration with Microsoft

Gaggle is now offering integration with Microsoft OneDrive, providing school districts using Office 365 an added layer of safety with Gaggle's proprietary filtering and human monitoring service. In addition, school districts that use Gaggle for email archiving can now choose to archive Office Online documents.

Graduates experience loss of direction

High school graduates have nearly three months of transition before starting college. During those months they are neither high school nor college students, a loss of direction that keeps some from showing up on the first day of college classes.

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Will Pioneer Institute knock out Common Core?

Four years ago, when 44 states had adopted the K12 curriculum standards, the whole thing seemed quiet and inevitable. Today, resistance is everywhere. Pioneer Institute has a national profile as the brains of the Common Core opposition. The institute might well succeed in its effort to knock out the Common Core. But if that happens, what comes next for education?

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School standards, curricula aren't the same

Fanning the firestorm over Common Core State Standards is the fear that by adopting common standards, states are signing onto a national curriculum and thus undermining the decisions of local school boards and educators. Standards remain constant, but curriculum can be altered locally year to year or classroom to classroom to ensure students are meeting the learning goals.

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Back-to-school shopping sprees are a thing of the past

Back-to-school shopping is no longer a frenzied one-day spending spree. Families are spending more, but they are doing so over a longer period of time as they search for the best deals. Families are expected to spend $670 on average on back-to-school shopping, up 5 percent from last year.

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