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New RFID software launched by Hayes Software Systems

Hayes Software Systems has launched a new Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) inventory and audit module that will be integrated to make the process of conducting asset inventory audits more efficient. The solution, called TIPWeb-RFID, will include fully integrated RFID handheld readers, compatible tags and consulting services.

Scantron announces alliance with Curriculum Advantage

Scantron Corporation has announced an alliance with Curriculum Advantage, Inc., developer of Classworks, an online instructional solution for kindergarten through ninth grade. The partnership integrates Scantron Performance Series and Scantron Achievement Series assessment solutions with Classworks.

'Seed, feed and weed': Advice on turning around underperforming schools

We can’t have a charter sector that’s performing worse than a traditional district. That defeats the purpose of having charters in the first place. The opportunity here in the next three to five years is to get serious about quality — and quality growth, not just growth for growth’s sake.

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Chicago's ‘welcoming schools’ to experience higher than average budget loss

Last fall, Chicago Public Schools heralded benefits such as science labs, iPads and extra cash going to schools that would take in students from permanently shuttered schools. This year, those same schools are losing, on average, about 5 percent of their budgets.

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In wake of new union contract, 62 New York schools approved to ‘break the rules’

New York City officials and teachers union respresentatives announced which city schools will be able to do so by opting out of certain union rules and chancellor’s regulations, starting this September. Sixty-two schools were selected from 107 applicants to take part in the experimentation program, known as Progressive Redesign Opportunity Schools for Excellence.

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Department of Education launches plan to attract good teachers to high-poverty areas

A new three-part Department of Education initiative will ask schools to create equity plans to combat the continued problem of high-poverty, high-minority schools that still lack the resources they need to support their students. The initiative will be bolstered by a $4.2 million technical assistance network and educator equity profiles.

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California school district adopts ethnic-studies curriculum

A Southern California school district will require ethnic-studies classes — ahead of a similar curriculum that legislators hope to someday implement statewide. The El Rancho Board of Education has agreed that all students, beginning with the class of 2016, must pass an ethnic-studies course before graduating.

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Tech CEOs request billions for school Wi-Fi

A group of 41 tech leaders is urging the Federal Communications Commission to ratify a proposed plan that would allocate $5 billion to expand the government’s E-Rate program to put Wi-Fi in as many schools as possible.

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The fight for tech interns now starts in high school

Landing top talent is getting so tough in Silicon Valley that technology companies are trying anything for an edge — including hiring interns out of high school and boosting new recruits’ perks.

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New York City school superintendents must reapply for jobs

Forty-one New York City superintendents will have to reapply for their jobs this year under a new policy by Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña. Senior Department of Education officials said they expected most who reapply to be rehired after a selection process that includes interviews, essays and references.

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