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Chicago trying to unload dozens of closed schools

More than a year after Chicago Public Schools (CPS) closed nearly 50 schools for under-enrollment, there has been little progress on finding new uses for most of the now-empty buildings. CPS is bound by a promise district chief Barbara Byrd-Bennett made not to allow privately run charter schools into any of the buildings.

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FreshGrade secures funding for classroom engagement and assessment tool

FreshGrade announced it has secured $4.3 million in seed funding from education and venture capital firms: NewSchools Venture Fund, Emerson Collective, Accel Partners and Social Capital. Designed by developers in collaboration with teachers and parents, FreshGrade is a classroom engagement and real-time assessment resource for administrators, teachers and parents.

Indigo Project offers career assessment tool

The Indigo Project has been developed, in collaboration with TTI Success Insights, to provide an assessment system that measures motivation, strengths and skills specific to an individual student. Indigo then matches this evaluation to an extensive database of higher-education programs and, when appropriate, potential employers.

Hold Texas schools to a higher standard

Students and parents start a new school year filled with hope - hope for a better year than last and hope for new successes. But the way our state currently assesses schools makes that target of success elusive.

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Newark City Schools sides with Common Core

Newark City Schools was part of a pilot program, but statewide, Common Core takes full effect for the first time this fall, meaning its true effect on students' education is still hypothetical.

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63 Buffalo teachers laid off just before start of school

Just three weeks before the start of the school year, the Buffalo Public School District laid off 63 teachers, as well as six deans of students.

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SCOTUS ruling might handcuff school safety

A recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling forbidding police from searching suspects' cellphones may inadvertently make schools less safe, some principals, school parents and students say.

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Are great teachers born or made?

A new book argues that teaching is a craft anyone can learn. But there's a big difference between competence and excellence.

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Six Maine schools to recruit students from Kazakhstan

The student population in Maine has been steadily decreasing over the past several decades, according to the state Department of Education. Now, four Maine high schools and two Maine colleges hope to recruit students from a country that, so far, has not typically sent many young people to Maine: Kazakhstan.

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Want better Michigan schools? Think vouchers

When it comes to lackluster school results in Michigan, the problem isn’t charter schools. The state doesn’t need less choice. It needs more.

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