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Lawmakers consider new plan for school make up days

The public was allowed to weigh on a Maine proposal that would allow schools to add an extra hour to days as a way to make up for those missed. Under the proposal, every snow day would equal five hours of class time.

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Funding needed for non-classroom spending

Between the governor's budget and policymakers' statements, one would think Arizona public school districts are flunking money management. They cite percentages of budgets not spent in the classroom, usually accompanied by intimations that non-classroom funding is superfluous. Non-classroom spending does not mean nonessential spending.

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Georgia should extend flexibility to all schools

If turning around struggling schools starts with flexibility, why doesn't the state extend flexibility to all schools? At the same time the General Assembly touts school-based autonomy, it also attempts to micromanage schools, passing laws that control how much schools spend in the classroom.

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School bullying legislation advances in Iowa Legislature

Legislation aimed at reducing school bullying in Iowa advanced in the Legislature, but it remains unclear if it will have enough support to get to Gov. Terry Branstad's desk this session.

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Utah bill proposes spending $75 million on school technology

Lawmakers gave an early nod to a bill that would set aside $75 million in one-time and ongoing funding for school technology. Under the terms of the bill, schools and school districts would need to commit matching funds and present a technology plan in order to get a portion of the funding.

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Chicago voters back a non-binding call for an elected school board

Voters in 37 wards overwhelmingly endorsed an elected Chicago Board of Education — a non-binding outcome that nonetheless promises to stoke a long-running debate over the mayor's power to appoint board members.

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Should Baltimore school police be armed inside school walls?

A public hearing was heated regarding a proposed bill that would allow members of the 141-member city school police force to carry service weapons in school buildings while classes are in session. Under current law, city school officers can be armed only while patrolling the exterior of school buildings and before and after school hours.

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New York City needs more spots on sports teams for girls, federal officials say

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights found that the city needs to add more than 3,850 spots on sports teams for girls to be equally represented in high school athletics and meet Title IX provisions that prohibit discrimination based on sex.

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K12, higher education worlds must collide to improve student outcomes

Too often legislators and educators worry more about K12 versus higher education competition for education funding than about how to combine resources to make significant improvements.

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Kansas school districts switch to Skyward

Louisburg USD 416 and Kingman-Norwich USD 331 have selected the Skyward School Management System to streamline student information and business operations.