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Texas to consider adding Mexican American studies as an official elective

The state's board will be considering the addition of Mexican American Studies as an official high school elective. Over 50 percent of the state's public school students are Hispanic. The board is considering a total of 20 new courses this week with several already being developed in response to legislation from the 2013 session.

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First Amendment: Tennessee‘s “religious viewpoint” law passes

The “Religious Viewpoints Anti-discrimination Act” passed both legislative houses by large margins. Under current law, students have the right to express their religious views. This new law is not needed to make this clear. What is disputed, however, is where to draw the line on that expression before a captive audience at school-sponsored events.

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Action urged on Pa. bill to avoid cover-ups of school sex offenses

When teachers or coaches are charged in incidents involving sexual relationships with students, it’s disturbing on a number of levels. The potential exists that the offenses will go unreported and could occur again. Schools can currently allow educators to quit quietly and get hired at another school without their past known.

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Discovery Education celebrates Earth Day with digital content collection

Discovery Education has created a special Earth Day collection of videos, images and articles through Discovery Education Streaming and Streaming Plus. The resources teach students about environmental conservation, sustainability and other science topics.

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit challenging Alabama Accountability Act

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit challenging the Alabama Accountability Act and said the public school students who filed the suit failed to prove the legislation treats them unequally. The law allows students in failing public schools to transfer to non-failing schools or private schools while their parents get tax credits to cover the cost.

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More states allowing armed school staff

In 2013, 21 states strengthened gun laws to require trigger-locking devices and background checks for private sales. At the same time, the National Rifle Association made a public push to allow more security guards or staff members to carry guns in schools, after 40 to 60 hours of firearms training.

Chicago charter network has tough discipline policy

Earlier this year, Chicago released statistics showing that charter schools, including those in Noble's privately-run network, expel students at a rate dramatically higher than district-run schools. At Noble, which runs 14 campuses throughout the city, there is a strict discipline code that includes fines for disciplinary infractions.

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Mich. city pursuing flexible scheduling, dual enrollment for tech students

Dual enrollment options at the local community college and flexible scheduling are among the new offerings students at Ann Arbor Public Schools will find this fall. The district will also be moving a student development program into its A2 Tech High School building to offer students in both tracks more options as part of a "Pathways to Success" campus.

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Mutualink K12 debuted as multimedia direct link to first responders

Mutualink has introduced a secure multimedia communications platform to enhance schools’ safety and security by establishing a direct link with police, fire, EMS and other entities in emergency situations. Mutualink K12, designed exclusively for K12 schools, acts as a gateway for real-time voice, video, data and text communications.

Three schools to be closed in Syracuse, N.Y.

A high school and an elementary school will be shut down or drastically changed under New York Education Department rules. Both schools failed to raise academic performance over the last three years despite intensive state help. The state also is replacing a second elementary school with the new Syracuse Latin School.

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