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Online Assessment: Breaking away from ‘bubble sheets’

In schools across the country, students are swapping their pencils and bubble sheets for computing devices and online tests. Proponents say online assessment is the wave of the future. Opponents say teachers and students aren’t ready. But perhaps the most crucial argument for embracing online assessments is immediacy.

Using innovation to optimize resources

Iowa’s Clinton Community School District has incorporated two cutting-edge programs into its learning environment in hopes of giving students a better chance at graduating and succeeding in college or career.

What are you doing to prevent bullying?

If you are planning to show anti-bullying videos or to feature guest presenters that convey the message, “Don’t bully, you could cause someone to commit suicide,” you should think twice. This message is not only ineffective, but is potentially highly dangerous.

The business of: Equipment leasing and rental

As the economy continues its slow crawl out of the recession, school districts that had put off capital purchases are now replacing outdated equipment and buying new technology. However, administrators are still considering large-scale acquisitions with caution.

Bulking up with booster clubs

Sports teams in a growing number of school districts can only return to their fields, gymnasiums, rinks and pools each September with the support of parent-run booster clubs. As budgets tighten, these clubs, which have provided high school athletes with everything from uniforms to scoreboards to travel money for competitions or games, are expanding into elementary and middle schools.

Recession is the mother of invention in education

Five years after the Great Recession officially ended, many superintendents continue to grapple with educating today’s students and preparing for tomorrow’s—with yesterday’s funding levels.

Getting dirty is part of a superintedent's job

Alvin Crawley relishes the days he can get a little dirty. Recently, he played kickball with elementary school students, then dusted off his new suit before returning to his office. Crawley might not sound like a typical superintendent, but he is managing a $215 million budget, collaborating with the teachers union, and ensuring students are engaged in their learning.

Complex care confronts schools

As the number of children with life-threatening allergies, asthma and other chronic medical conditions increases, several large districts have shed nurses because of budget crunches.Still, districts nationwide are pursuing a range of solutions to these mounting health care challenges.

Product Focus: Promoting creativity with science lab equipment

Technology is revolutionizing the study of science. New lab products allow more engaging and safer experiments. Following the BYOD and 1-to-1 trend, many of these products come with mobile apps so students can take their inquiries outside the classroom and analyze data in the field.

How schools are supercharging the SIS

Robust systems that automate a wide range of tasks allow for more efficient business operations and ensure that mission-critical processes are done properly and at the right time.