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Iowa schools implement controversial emergency response plan

About half of Iowa's 30 largest school districts have updated their emergency response policies. However, some critics say the national ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate) program being implemented focuses too much on active shooter scenarios, neglecting more common dangers such as violent crime.

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Illinois approves school funding overhaul

The Illinois Senate approved sweeping changes to the way the state funds public education. The measure would require distributing public education funding based on each district’s level of financial need. The change would direct more state assistance toward high-poverty areas, with wealthier districts having to rely more on local funding.

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New guide released on 3D printing in the classroom

Constructing Modern Knowledge Press announced the publication of The Invent To Learn Guide to 3D Printing in the Classroom: Recipes for Success. The book covers a variety of step-by-step classroom projects, 3D printing technology, new design software and advice on purchasing a 3D printer.

InFocus adds new ultra-portable LED projector

InFocus Corporation has added the paperback book-sized IN1142 to its LightPro family of ultra-portable LED projectors. The LightPro IN1142 delivers a high-contrast, WXGA widescreen image at a brightness of 700 lumens.

Iowa system seeks school retirement reform

An early retirement incentive offered annually to Des Moines educators no longer serves its purpose and threatens to become a financial drain on the school district, officials say. The program also features one of the most attractive packages in the state, offering higher awards than other neighboring districts.

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Once-hailed salad bars gone from Boston’s schools

In Massachusetts, Boston administrators stopped selling junk food at lunch and persuaded a health-conscious food organization to donate a salad bar for their cafeteria so students could eat fresh. Due to budget issues, the School Department has refused to stock the salad bar since September and has reinstated the sale of snacks during lunch.

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Kids, parents are embracing the walking school bus

For a growing number of children in Rhode Island, Iowa and other states, the school day starts and ends with walking with their classmates and an adult volunteer to and from school. Walking school buses are catching on nationwide to fight childhood obesity, improve attendance rates and ensure that kids get to school safely.

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Holiday turns into school make-up day for Texas students

Thousands of Houston-area students in a handful of districts attended class on Monday, a federal holiday, to make up for time lost earlier this semester to inclement weather, though many observed Memorial Day as part of their lessons. To educate pupils on the meaning of the day, school districts held patriotic activities that included veterans as special guest speakers and flag craft projects.

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New customizable high school math digital textbook released

Teacher Laura Glading-Smith has introduced a new digital math textbook that is customizable to high school math students. The digital textbook allows students to access a number of different methods for understanding important mathematical concepts.

N.J. Board of Ed hears proposed changes to science, preschool standards

New Jersey education officials proposed major changes to the science and preschool curriculums as well as minor tweaks to the health and physical education guidelines at a special meeting of the New Jersey State Board of Education. But the officials recommended no changes to the math and English language arts standards.

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