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Don't shortchange Florida's public schools

Limited education dollars should be used first and foremost in Florida's public schools. Only afterward needs have been met should dollars go for extended choice and opportunities. To rob public schools of needed resources to enrich private schools is tantamount to a cynical self-fulfilling prophecy that ensures public school failure.

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Good old days weren't so good for education

It’s popular to lambaste the quality of public schools. Privatization has a role to play in education in places where public schools are not producing. But there is no way private schools should replace public schools. The story of public education is not stagnation and crisis but incremental progress.

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Chocolate milk ban in cafeterias can backfire

Chocolate milk far outsells white milk in school cafeterias, and when kids are denied the choice of the sugar-laden flavored variety, they buy about 10 percent less milk. They then throw away a lot more of the white milk they do buy without drinking it, according to a new Cornell University study.

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Philadelphia pushes district to name chronically truant students' parents

Philadelphia’s District Attorney is asking the school district to provide names and addresses of students who are chronically truant in order to approach the parents to do more. The district has cited the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act as the reason preventing them from providing this data.

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Lawsuit filed by N.J. district to prevent bilingual charter from expanding

The Hoboken School District filed a lawsuit against the Hoboken Dual Language Charter School and the state Department of Education. The lawsuit calls the state's approval in March to expand the charter school and also renew its charter "not valid" because the Department of Education's acting commissioner was not the one who actually made the decision.

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New York district considering consolidation of three schools

Western New York's Kenmore-Tonawanda School District is exploring consolidating three elementary schools into one single building. The district has seen an enrollment drop by almost 2,000 students in the past 20 years, prompting the board to examine several scenarios and possible school closings.

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WIN Learning to utilize Kuder's planning system

WIN Learning and Kuder Inc. are partnering to provide educators and students with advanced capabilities for career guidance and planning. WIN Learning will utilize Kuder Navigator, a comprehensive online education and career planning system, as the foundation of its myStrategic Compass.

Scientific Learning chooses first National Leadership Center in Georgia

Scientific Learning Corp. has named Murray County Schools a National Leadership Center due to strong student achievement gains after the use of the company's Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant programs. The district is the first National Leadership Center in Georgia and one of only four across the U.S.

Superintendent named to head Arizona district's nine schools

The Sierra Vista USD's board has approved a new superintendent from within for the district. Kriss Hagerl has worked for the district for more than 25 years, most recently serving as Interim Superintendent.

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Competing views of teacher tenure are on display in California case

For more than two months, lawyers have been arguing in state court over whether California’s laws governing teacher tenure, firing and layoffs violate students’ constitutional right to an education. By the beginning of July, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge will deliver the first legal ruling on the case.

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