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Product focus: Keeping schools safe with the right surveillance system

School administrators know they need to try to stop violence before it happens. Having the proper surveillance equipment can help district leaders keep a watchful eye over students and prevent the wrong people from entering a building.

A 21st-century upgrade for a 100-year-old school

The 100-year-old Webster Groves High School is an important civic landmark in its St. Louis suburb. However, its antiquated infrastructure and classrooms ill-equipped for educational media were preventing the implementation of 21st-century learning models.

Award makes Wisconsin district a model for quality

Wisconsin's Pewaukee School District has won the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the highest presidential honor given to U.S. organizations for high performance. It is the seventh public school district to earn the award for using results-driven business tactics to raise student achievement.

Plan now to deal with medical emergencies in schools

School leaders and staff deal with emergencies frequently, but in an often inconsistent manner. Consistency in response can be enhanced by developing an emergency plan to deal with life-threatening medical emergencies and training staff.

Personalized progress: How tech model is driving achievement

Personalized learning is beginning to produce positive results in student achievement as it becomes more established in districts nationwide. These success stories are encouraging more districts to adopt the tech-heavy learning model that’s designed to customize education for each student.

The evolving principal's office

As secondary school principals guide their schools and teachers through a myriad of changes, it’s becoming necessary for these leaders to reinvent themselves. No longer can principals succeed by operating only as a manager—the evolving school environment requires a more extensive approach.

Summer school makes a comeback

Summer schools—whether credit recovery courses for high school students or remedial programs for younger children—have long been reliable features of the educational landscape. But the recession and its aftermath of severe budget cuts have changed the priorities of school district leaders.

Removing weak links from K12 classrooms

Changing state laws and the rise of evaluations have given administrators more flexibility in removing tenured teachers, a task that had long been nearly impossible. More states are tying student achievement to teacher evaluations and renegotiating contracts.

Are gifted students slighted in schools?

The American public school system’s focus on struggling students leaves high-achievers without a challenging enough education—a detriment to the country in a time of concerns over international competitiveness, says a new guidebook.

New registry should help educators find online resources

In this month's "On Topic" Q&A with a K12 thought leader, Richard Culatta, of the U.S. Office of Educational Technology, talks about how schools can use an online tool to vet information.