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Kansas officials ponder application of standards in school funding

The Kansas Supreme Court set out a new standard for determining whether the state has met its obligation to provide adequate funding for public schools. Education officials are questioning how the standard will actually work in allocating the money to schools.

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N.C. county board favor bold budget proposal

Wake County board members praised Superintendent Jim Merrill’s budget proposal, which calls for a $39 million increase in funding. Merrill is looking to bring Wake County to the top of the state in local per-pupil funding and reach the national average in teacher pay by 2020.

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South Dakota district approves $47.7 million spending program

The Rapid City Area Schools Board of Education approved a five-year, $47.7 million spending program to build a new middle school and renovate one of the high schools.

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Colorado school funding measure draws bipartisan support

Colorado is poised to direct an additional $300 million in state funding to K12 education. A proposal on how to allocate the new funding for kindergarten, literacy programs, English-language learners, charter schools and improved technology had bipartisan support from the House Education Committee.

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The financial crisis in Philadelphia's schools is an epic political fail

Disagreement or disinterest among the elected officials who represent Philadelphia is once again putting the city's public education system at risk. The real culprit here is the failure of political leaders to line up behind a certain and sustainable revenue plan to support the schools.

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"Flipping" classrooms may improve learning

Classroom “flipping,” which involves students doing prep work at home and finishing their homework in class, enables teachers to better ensure the students understand concepts. This type of learning might not work for every student, in every subject, in every school district, but the idea makes sense.

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Atomic Learning releases Joomla training

Atomic Learning recently expanded its online training library to include a training series on Building & Deploying a Basic Website Using Joomla. Educators will learn to install the Joomla CMS, develop and deploy a website and explore Joomla extensions.

Learning.com launches digital citizenship app

The Learning.com Digital Citizenship App, available for i0S and Android tablet/mobile devices, covers three topics of digital citizenship: online safety, cyberbullying and the ethical use of digital resources.

Public school students will look pretty different by 2022

In the future, public schools are going to be less white and more Hispanic, according to recent data from the National Center for Education Statistics.

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New Pearson study on future of learning with digital data

Pearson released a new study on the changes digital data will bring to future of learning. "Impacts of the Digital Ocean on Education" details how data, social technology and gaming will all be at the forefront of education in the future.