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Public schools' next challenge: market themselves to attract students

Thanks to education reform and technology, K12 students and their families now have more options for how/where/when they receive their education. Students are leaving traditional public schools for perceived greener pastures, including online, charter or private schools. Now districts have a new challenge: how to market themselves to attract students to attend their schools.

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Texas district plans $55 million school security upgrade

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD will spend $55 million to tighten school security, including installing strategically placed panic buttons on campuses and replacing existing entry windows with bullet-resistant glass. Voters overwhelmingly approved the improvement, which will be completed districtwide by 2020, in a $1.2 billion bond election in May.

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Year later, much has been learned about Chicago school closings

Chicago Public Schools moved to close almost 50 elementary schools last year. The Safe Passage program to protect kids on their way to and from their new schools outside of their neighborhood appears to have performed as promised. In addition, there has been an increase in performance at schools designated to take in students whose buildings were closed.

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Ohio schools' report cards to be reissued following data scandal

Ninety-three Columbus schools will get new report cards because they wrongly withdrew at least one child in the 2010-2011 school year. The now two-years-long student-data scandal in Columbus City Schools is inching toward resolution as the state begins recalculating the report cards for the two school years in which the district and its schools were found to have manipulated data.

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Oregon school shooting: deadly violence in schools still rare, statistics show

The reality is that although school shootings have permeated the national consciousness in recent years, deadly violence in schools is rare, data show. Of the 563,000 students in Oregon schools, 17 were disciplined for having rifles, shotguns or handguns in their possession in 2012-2013.

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Hayes Software Systems awarded a NCPA contract

Hayes Software Systems has signed an agreement with the National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA). NCPA members can now purchase Hayes’ cloud-based inventory control solutions through the purchasing cooperative.

Schoology contracts with Uruguay's Plan Ceibal 1-to-1 initiative

Schoology has signed a contract supplying all schools in Uruguay with the Schoology learning management system. Schoology will be powering Uruguay’s 1-to-1 instruction program, Plan Ceibal, to deliver instruction and resources while connecting students and teachers in a learning-centered, secure community platform.

K12 Inc. completes sale of select businesses

K12 Inc. has completed the sale of select businesses to Safanad Education Ventures Limited. The businesses consist of K12's post-secondary business, K12's interest in an existing Middle East joint venture currently operating with a Safanad Limited affiliate and a private international brick and mortar school.

Boston schools look outside for money

The Boston school system is appealing to business leaders and philanthropists to help underwrite a $25 million campaign to attract, retain and improve its teachers and principals. The effort has already secured $9 million in commitments. School officials aim to raise the remaining money over the next three years.

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