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A public school in private hands

New Haven, Conn., turned to a private company to turn around one of its most troubled schools. Read about how order has been restored to the school's hallways and what academic progress students are making.

What’s ahead for New York City charters?

New York City’s expansive charter school network may be in trouble. Mayor Bill de Blasio, who takes office this month, says he plans to charge charters rent for using space in school buildings and to stop new charters from opening.

2013 Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products

The editors of District Administration magazine are proud to present the 2013 Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products. This year’s winners were chosen from more than 1,800 unique nominations sent by K12 leaders who detailed the products’ positive impacts on their schools.

The human cost of short-term teaching

Professional opinion: Teaching requires insight into children’s feelings and experiences, and the ability to guide them through the seismic shifts of childhood with a steady, knowing hand.

Students create astronaut gear in NASA program

Astronaut gear made by high school students in a NASA program will be sent up to the International Space Station in June. It will be the first student projects to be sent to the station during the program’s 10 years of operation.

Sandy Hook: One year later

A Newtown father tells why his and other local families have decided that Sandy Hook is not the place for them or their children on Dec. 14, 2013.

Schools urged to amp up music instruction

Teaching music may be one of the most effective ways to close the achievement gap between rich and poor students.

Educators combat “creativity crisis” in art instruction

Creativity is a necessary skill in the modern workplace, and in a 2010 survey by IBM, American CEOs identified it as the best predictor of career success. But those same CEOs said they believed that Americans were becoming less innovative.

How schools are managing the move to mobile

The rise of 1-to-1 programs has pushed a surge of mobile devices into schools, creating a whole new logistical challenge for district CIOs.

Free tuition program sends students to college

A citywide school turnaround program that offers full-tuition college scholarships for urban students has seen early success in increasing high school test scores and college attendance.