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Middle school "sexting" in Illinois now a police matter

Students involved in sexting inappropriate images at a Barrington middle school are now facing more serious consequences as a criminal investigation has been launched rather than punishments through the school's student discipline code.

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TabPilot releases update with focus on shared-use tablet implementations

TabPilot Learning Systems released Tablet Manager 4.0, expanding features that allow for classroom control, monitoring, and management of tablets in shared-use environments.

Extreme Networks teams up with Pro Football Hall of Fame

Extreme Networks and Pro Football Hall of Fame are partnering on education and community outreach in K12 districts across the country. Extreme will be donating its IdentiFi Wireless and high performance switch technology to be distributed across multiple districts and powering the PFHOF’s Heart of a Hall of Famer series.

Missouri district receives state aid to keep doors open for school year

A measure was passed that would provide $2 million to keep the Normandy district open for the rest of the school year. Normandy was financially solvent prior to last summer’s state Supreme Court ruling that upheld the transfer law, which allows children in unaccredited districts to transfer to better schools at their home district's expense.

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Minnesota's school bullying-prevention law overhauled

Minnesota's legislative bodies sent the Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act, an overhaul of Minnesota's bullying-prevention law, to the governor for signing.

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Maryland city's school system deficit could trigger considerable layoffs

Baltimore school officials presented a budget scenario that calls for sizeable staff layoffs and de-funding key contracts that serve schools if a $31 million deficit is not closed.

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New school aid formula wins Alabama panel endorsement

A proposal to change the state’s school aid formula passed through a Senate panel, despite objections that the plan has not been sufficiently researched. The legislation would make the state distribute almost all school funding based on each district’s ability to pay.

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Emotions high with proposed charter-limiting bills in Illinois

The Illinois legislature is considering 11 bills that would, among other things, limit where charters can be located, ban them from marketing themselves to students, and abolish a commission that has the power to overrule local boards and grant charter licenses.

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Decision nearing on possible merger of Pennsylvania school districts

A proposed merger of two districts in Pennsylvania’s Berks County is being pushed not only as a way to cut costs, but also as a “moral obligation” of the wealthier township. The merger, which is drawing criticism from some parents, students and taxpayers, would create a regional model to serve approximately 5,000 students.

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