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Boston approves $975 million school budget

The Boston School Committee has voted to eliminate buses for seventh- and eighth-graders, one of many cuts it approved in a $975 million spending plan for next year. Even though school spending will increase by about 4 percent, it will not be enough to cover rising salaries and other costs, along with a reduction in federal and state aid.

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Giving Up on 4-Year-Olds

A new report released by the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights shows that excessively punitive policies are being used in the public school system—even against preschoolers. This should shame the nation and force it to re-evaluate the destructive measures that schools are using against their most vulnerable children.

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A Pass Educational Group wins Michigan small business award

A Pass Educational Group, LLC is one of 12 companies in Michigan that has been selected to receive the Michigan Small Business Development Center’s Best Small Business Award. These companies were chosen from over 5,500 small businesses that the center provided with counseling and training in 2013.

New reading fluency program from MindPlay

MindPlay announced a new reading fluency with comprehension program for K12 schools, FLRT. This personal trainer for silent reading has been updated for text complexity and to include comprehension. Stories are certified by MetaMetrics to meet Common Core text complexity and Lexile reading level requirements.

High School Principal

K12 administrators affirm need to continue E-rate

One hundred percent of over 400 K12 district administrators participating in a national Schoolwires survey responded that hosting should remain funded by the FCC as a Priority One Service within the E-rate program.

A sharper eye on Florida transfers

In 2012, Florida made transfers within districts easier for scholastic and athletic reasons. Subsequently, the number of transfers increased. In one county, district officials launched an internal review of district policies after multiple athletes transferred to one school. Perhaps the review will address the questionable matter of recruiting.

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Michigan district names Catherine Cost as superintendent

Wrapping up a three-month search, the Wyandotte board chose Catherine Cost as the district's new superintendent. She has been serving as assistant superintendent of instruction at Farmington Public Schools since 2006.

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Governor’s Schools enhance Pennsylvania’s agricultural strength

The School for the Agricultural Sciences is the newest addition to the Pennsylvania Governor’s School of Excellence, a program that exposes high school students to a variety of STEM fields. It will be a month-long program where students will learn about agriculture and natural resources.

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$665 million Jersey City budget approved with 1.5 percent tax hike

The New Jersey district passed a $665 million budget for the 2014-2015 school year that will result in a 1.5 percent increase in the tax levy. The tax hike was due to a combination of rising costs in the district and state funding that remained relatively flat.

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