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Competitive cheerleading officially a New York sport

Starting with the winter athletic season, competitive cheerleading teams in New York will be subject to safety requirements similar to other high school sports. Those include certification requirements for coaches, mandatory rest days between competitions and limits on season length.

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New ethics restrictions for Louisiana school board passes

The Louisiana House voted to prohibit the state's school superintendent, members of the Louisiana's Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) and their family members from doing personal business with the Department of Education.

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Report finds large inequities in Pittsburgh Public Schools

In the more vulnerable public schools in Pittsburgh, students have fewer effective teachers, are treated with less respect and are less likely to feel their school is a safe and positive place than in schools with fewer needy students, according to an A+ Schools survey.

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Girls do better than boys in school at all ages and subjects

According to a new study from the American Psychological Association, girls do better than boys in school. What may be a surprise is that this holds true at all ages, in all subjects including math and science and around the world.

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Florida bill would allow some guns on school grounds

In a debate that showed sharp divisions about how best to protect children and teachers, the Florida House approved a bill that would allow designated people to carry concealed weapons on school grounds. They would need to be trained and have military or law-enforcement backgrounds.

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Vermont votes to drastically reduce number of school districts

The House voted to advance a bill for a six-year process to change the way Vermont schools are governed. The bill seeks to address declining enrollment, rising costs and shrinking educational opportunities in some schools by inducing the 273 districts to consolidate down to about 50.

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Accountability for schools requires quantitative measures of success

School districts throughout the country have found value in holding individual schools accountable for their success. The use of letter grades in Utah is just one part of the accountability process. The changes proposed through the Governor’s Education Excellence Commission are a move in the right direction.

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Rural school districts already provide free community college

While Oregon rural districts that are offering a fifth or sixth year using K12 funding are doing the right thing for kids in their communities, a better plan is one the state is studying now. It would fund two years of community college for high school graduates and take advantage of available federal money.

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National Geographic Learning program approved for Ariz. district

National Geographic Learning's Financial Algebra has been approved for use in Mesa Public Schools' high schools in Arizona. The algebra-based, technology-rich program is developed for and aligned to the Common Core State Standards that use Algebra I skills in a financial setting.

Apex Learning introduces digital curriculum for middle schools

Apex Learning is expanding its Apex Learning Tutorials to middle school students. The new Tutorials include Math 6, 7, 8 and English language arts 6, 7, 8. Tutorials are tablet-ready for Android and iOS devices as well as netbooks, laptops and desktop computers.