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Tennessee schools to receive mixed drink taxes

Following a state attorney general’s opinion, two Tennessee towns must send half of the mixed drink taxes they have collected to the county to fund public education. The schools will receive over $80,000 from Dandridge and an undetermined amount from Baneberry.

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Wildlife Acoustics launches bat detector app

Wildlife Acoustics introduced its new Echo Meter Touch bat detector/recorder/analyzer, a key-fob-sized ultrasonic module that accompanies a free Echo Meter touch app and plugs into an iPhone or iPad. The module-app combination provides teachers and students with a fully functional spectrogram viewer.

For Financial Literacy Month, Centsables launches lesson modules

Centsables, an animated TV series focused on financial literacy, is releasing lesson modules, available in teacher and parent versions. Each module includes two episodes of the show with the correlating lesson plans as well as downloads for all materials and certificates of completion.

Has Centinela Valley’s school board been duped?

Reporters continue to uncover overspending by the California school district in so many budget areas. With no evidence of wrongdoing at district headquarters, it is fair to surmise that the board members have been fooled repeatedly.

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Texas public school enrollment tops 5 million

Enrollment in Texas public schools has hit a new record with over 5 million students, according to the Texas Education Agency. Hispanics students became the majority for the first time in the 2010-2011 school year. Total enrollment increased by 21.6 percent between 2000 and 2010, four times more than the nationwide percentage increase.

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Mackin to add 2,000+ DK e-books to library

Mackin Educational Resources has teamed up with DK Publishing to include more than 2,000 of DK's e-books in the MackinVIA collection. Mackin customers will now have access to over 300,000 e-books, digital audiobooks and databases.

Indiana lawmakers turn down plan to place ads on school buses

Lawmakers voted down a plan that would have allowed advertising on school buses in Beech Grove, Franklin Township and Zionsville. Some hope to revive the measure in 2015. Although the advertising won Senate approval, the language was removed by House lawmakers during a conference committee.

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Kansas panel adopts school finance reform bill

The Senate's budget committee approved a bill responding to Kansas Supreme Court orders to correct unconstitutional inequities in public school funding that carried an annual price tag of $129 million. The committee also endorsed a bill combining $50 million in state school aid cuts with $9.5 million in per-pupil base state support.

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Oregon's largest district proposes 9 percent staffing increase

Portland Public Schools' officials are looking to add more than 180 full-time positions across the district, including 150 teachers. The proposed spending plan is close to $505 million, nearly $41 million more than current spending levels.

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The two tracks of school reform

For two decades now, education reformers have promoted a two-track strategy for improving our schools with standards-based structure and school choice. However, some degree of transparency and accountability is essential for all choice schools.

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