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Gale Virtual Reference Library continues to grow with the addition of nearly 200 new eBooks from Encyclopaedia Britannica

GVRL delivers reference content and series non-fiction from more than 100 publishers to all types of libraries. The addition of these new titles brings the total eBooks available on the platform to more than 8,000, with over 500 from Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Pittsburgh city schools' enrollment still falling

If the projections of Pittsburgh Public Schools had been right, the district this fall would have turned the corner on declining K-12 enrollment and would have seen the growth of 100 students.

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Half of Wisconsin virtual charter schools judged in new report cards miss mark

Virtual charter schools are on the rise in Wisconsin, but so far new accountability standards that hold them to the same expectations as regular public schools do not paint a flattering picture.

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Ohio schools apply for millions in state educational grants

Competition will be fierce for education grants from Ohio’s new $250 million Straight A Fund.

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Camden, N.J. schools poll finds deep displeasure

Large numbers of children don't feel safe in the hallways of Camden schools, say they lack essential textbooks and technology, and don't believe they are being prepared for college or careers, according to findings of a survey released Monday.

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Boston mayoral candidates offer two paths to overhaul schools

The election is conjuring up a broad question: How much impact, after all, can a mayor have on bolstering the achievement of thousands of students in a large urban system like Boston’s, where some problems are seen as intractable and where schools must deal daily with the consequences of poverty.

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Warily, schools watch students on the internet

As students complain, taunt and sometimes cry out for help on social media, educators have more opportunities to monitor students around the clock. And some schools are turning to technology to help them.

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A bold bid for better schools in Colorado

If there’s a key to this nation’s sustained competitiveness, it’s education.

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When outsiders take over schools: Lessons from Memphis

Tennessee's new Achievement District gives control of some public schools over to charter networks, with mixed results.

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