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Normandy sues Missouri, 20 other districts over school transfer law

Normandy School District has filed a petition challenging the federal and state constitutionality of the law that has forced the unaccredited Normandy district to pay transportation and tuition expenses for about 1,000 children who left for higher-performing schools this year. The school transfer law has left the district nearly insolvent.

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Voters pass 98.3 percent of New York school budgets

Voters across New York approved 98.3 percent of school budgets up for a vote this week, according to the state School Boards Association. A survey by the group found 652 school districts saw their budgets passed, including 99.5 percent of the 645 districts that stayed within the state's property-tax cap.

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Students should move full STEAM ahead

If we want results, let’s do the hard thinking to join the arts and sciences in meaningful ways, bring partners together, and put the systemic changes in place that are necessary to build student interest and skill in all areas of the core curriculum. Every one of Utah’s students deserves the opportunity to move full STEAM ahead.

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School data collection needs limits

No matter how poor the school or what important research study is being performed or even what product may be offered to a school, children have a right to privacy protected by the U.S. Constitution. And no one should take that away from them.

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Modify lunch rules, don't dump them

Overturning the new rules entirely is certainly not the answer. With this nation’s unacceptably high rates of childhood obesity and diabetes, it remains important for schools to help young people develop healthy eating habits. For too many lower-income students, especially, school is the only place they get a decent meal. That meal should be a nutritious one.

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MIND Research Institute names co-founder Matthew Peterson as CEO

MIND Research Institute’s board of directors named Matthew Peterson, Ph.D., its new CEO. Ted Smith is retiring as CEO and chairman. He will remain chairman until a new one is elected, and then continue as a member of the board. Peterson co-founded the nonprofit in 1998, along with Gordon Shaw, Ph.D., and Mark Bodner, Ph.D.

New alliance between SunGard K-12 Education and Schoology

SunGard K-12 Education has selected Schoology as its learning management solutions provider. The alliance pairs eSchoolPLUS’s Teacher Access Center with Schoology’s platform for managing instruction, communication and collaboration to enable teachers to manage their classroom and student learning experience in one tool.

MindPlay launches web-based reading program

MindPlay, Inc. introduced a new upgraded version of its reading curriculum for grades K12, MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC). All stories within the web-based MVRC are also now assigned Lexile ratings by MetaMetrics.

Illinois high school students will have to learn how to use defibrillators

High school students would be required to learn how to operate mobile defibrillators and learn cardio pulmonary resuscitation under legislation the Senate passed. Gov. Pat Quinn called the measure “common-sense legislation” that will make sure students are properly trained in life-and-death situations.

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Bailout for teachers' pensions to cost California school districts

California's public school districts could face difficult cutbacks if state officials move forward with a plan to bail out the retirement fund for teachers, officials and educators say, but even those painful steps may fall short of curing the pension deficit if investments don't meet expectations.

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