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Vantis Life Insurance Co. hosts “Actuarial Boot Camp”

The camp, offered at no charge to Connecticut high school seniors and college freshmen with exceptional math skills, gave them an insider’s look at the role they could play within the insurance sector if they were to pursue a career as an actuary.

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Can improved curriculum boost lagging NAEP results?

The results of the 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress were “encouraging but modest,” according to Education Secretary Arne Duncan. Eighth graders made small gains in reading and mathematics, while fourth graders improved slightly in math but not reading.

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School nurse shortages grow as budgets shrink

Reports of districts eliminating school nurses or replacing them with unlicensed staffers are increasing nationwide, and student health care is suffering as a result, nursing advocates say.

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Superintendent rebuilds trust at a California district

Donald Brann, state trustee of Inglewood USD, has only been on the job six months, but already teachers and administrators are seeing that things are different from what they used to be.

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How volunteer audit committees can protect districts

Tough economic conditions and shrinking revenues have increased competition for public funds. As a result, school districts are under intense scrutiny from state regulators and local taxpayers; any fiscal mismanagement receives harsh criticism.

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Old skills make a comeback for the youngest students

Kindergarteners nationwide are stretching their small hands across keyboards to learn the basics of typing in preparation for the online Common Core assessments.

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Philadelphia's art institutions bring culture to the classroom

Philadelphia schools are taking a new approach to arts instruction by introducing students to art and music they can find in their own backyard, including the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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Urban schools team up to serve greener, healthier lunches

Six of the nation’s biggest school districts have banded together to purchase biodegradable lunch trays made of sugar cane to cut down on both cost and waste.

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How classrooms survive when education leaves the building

Education expert Will Richardson's latest book argues that schools are hampering their own ability to educate, while young people take advantage of a wealth of outside knowledge and expertise to learn on their own.

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Different faces of blended learning

School administrators overwhelmed by the idea of blended learning need not fear: many districts have successfully implemented one of four models now widely accepted in K12 education.