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Missouri legislature fails school transfer test

The Missouri General Assembly finally put together a flawed fix to a problematic state law regarding student transfers out of unaccredited school systems. Senate Bill 493 solves a few problems but creates a host of new ones.

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New York school budgets to increase 2.4 percent

School districts are asking voters to approve budgets that, on average, call for the smallest tax increases in six years. The average amount of tax money collected by districts will increase 1.8 percent and spending by about 2.4 percent, according to an analysis by the New York State Association of School Business Officials.

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House GOP bill would roll back school lunch rules

House Republicans are taking on the new school nutritional standards, proposing to let schools opt out of healthier lunch and breakfast programs if they're losing money.

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Arizona chooses Blackboard for professional learning platform

The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) has selected Blackboard to deliver its Innovative Classroom solution for professional learning and collaboration for the department's over 60,000 educators in more than 2,000 public schools.

Turnover spikes in Virginia schools’ top jobs

As of July, more than half of Virginia’s 133 public school superintendent jobs will have turned over since the start of 2012, according to an analysis by the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Longtime education officials say it’s an unusually high turnover, anecdotally attributed to a variety of factors, including a wave of retiring baby boomers.

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Ohio district names Donald Horstman as superintendent

The Ottawa-Glandorf Board of Education has hired Donald Horstman, an Ottawa-Glandorf native, as its new superintendent. He replaces retiring superintendent Kevin Brinkman as of August 1.

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Large Virginia county to undergo administrative reorganization

Fairfax County Public Schools will be reorganizing the administrative structure for more than 200 schools. The new system will group schools into five administrative regions, with high-achieving schools that serve affluent populations grouped with those with more diverse student bodies and larger proportions of lower-income students.

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PlayTape rolled out to education market

InRoad Toys has launched PlayTape, a repositionable tape designed to look like roads, which can be used to introduce creative play and collaboration and math concepts such as shapes, angles, length and symmetry.
Available in multiple colors and widths, PlayTape sticks to any flat surface.

Indiana school may be liable for shooting injuries

The Indiana Court of Appeals ruled that a trial must be held to determine whether a central Indiana school corporation is liable for injuries suffered by two middle school students who were shot by another boy in a dispute over a girl.

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Updated tool lets users compare states on education

A new digital educational tool created by the National Science Foundation's National Science Board enables educators, administrators, researchers and policymakers to compare educational and economic trends at the state level. The tool manipulates data from the 2014 NSB "Science and Engineering Indicators" report.