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Principals believe better internet access will open more doors

Results of a new NASSP survey of nearly 750 middle and high school principals demonstrate that the new initiative aligns with students’ needs for improved connectivity.

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Not all cloud backup is enterprise-ready, says industry analyst firm

With spending on public cloud backup services estimated to reach $2 billion this year, IDC highlights the need for due diligence in the selection process.

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Spark 101 launches to ignite student interest in STEM

Spark 101 provides teachers with interactive videos from industry and instructional resources to engage their students with real-world problem solving—integrated directly to a course's curriculum.

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myON reader receives prestigious AEP Innovation Award

myON reader allows students to access a unique online environment where they have access to the largest collection of enhanced digital books with multimedia supports, including audio, text highlighting and an embedded dictionary.

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ION Media unveils affiliate site, launches multi-platform marketing initiative

ION Media Networks’ flagship network, ION Television, has continued its steady rise in the ratings, today announcing a year-to-year increase in Q1 2013 in both households (up 3% to 824,000) and total viewers (1,051,000 vs. 1,015,000) during prime viewing hours.

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Bringing science to rural classrooms

Four students in Maine had the unique chance to study organisms on their shoreline this past year to help contribute research to a new chemical bond discovery that Vanderbilt University researchers made three years ago.

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Administrator sets foundation with reading and writing

With more than 30 years of education experience, Joseph Lopez brought grant money and state funding to help grow student achievement at El Paso ISD.

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Pennsylvania high school provides a more open campus

This past school year has been a little less hectic for busy juniors and seniors at Hempfield High School, thanks to a new, unique online course-sharing initiative.

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Opinion: Seeking the sasquatch of elementary school science

Education and business leaders, the press, and the president have all called for increased emphasis on STEM in K12 schools. “Next Generation Science Standards” are a response to those priorities.

Bring back real math to Seattle schools

In the past decade, the Seattle School Board chose “discovery math” books for the public schools. The chance to correct these mistaken decisions begins next year with new texts for grades K-5.

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