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Kids InfoBits database launches redesign

The Kids InfoBits database has been redesigned with a modern interface, improved navigation, updated content and additional tools. Developed by Gale, Kids InfoBits is designed for students in kindergarten through grade five and addresses the way kids learn and conduct research.

New superintendent named for Moore County's 23 schools

Robert "Dr. Bob" Grimesey of Orange County, Va., was named to replace current Superintendent Aaron Spence for North Carolina's Moore County School District.

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Ike Haynes named as Mississippi district's superintendent

The Canton Public School Board voted to hire Jefferson Davis County School District Superintendent Ike Haynes to replace retiring Superintendent Dwight J. Luckett. After eight years at the helm, Luckett will retire June 30.

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Learning Upgrade unveils new math course

Learning Upgrade is releasing Math Upgrade 7, a course of multimedia, Common Core-aligned math lessons. The course includes an initial set of 50 lessons, with additional lessons added during the summer. Each full course takes students 20-25 hours, both in the classroom and at home, to complete and earn a certificate.

To combat truancy, California should follow Compton's lead

The Compton USD effort to address its truancy crisis began with a new strategy to improve communication about attendance between teachers and parents. It's going to take a concerted effort from legislators, school administrators, teachers, parents and local law enforcement to replicate Compton's results across the state.

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Social impact bonds offer results for social service investments

Paying for initiatives in public education has traditionally required a tax levy or issuance of bonds backed by government entities. But now there is a new experiment in Utah involving a public-private partnership: the social impact bond.

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Panel sends school funding plan to Louisiana Senate

The Louisiana Senate will vote this week on a revised school funding formula that allocates $3.5 billion to public schools for the 2014-2015 school year. The funding plan gives schools more money for students enrolled in more technical or advanced classes and additional funds for educating students with severe disabilities on an application basis.

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Boston schools food program in chaos, report finds

Widespread dysfunction in the Boston school system’s food service program is leading to millions of dollars in losses each year and creating an apparent “hostile work environment” for employees, according to a report obtained by the Globe.

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Dress code wars continue

Most high school administrators will argue that dress codes are created and enforced because students’ clothing, if not monitored, will become distracting in the classroom. And yet this year dress codes seem to be derailing school work more than the outfits themselves.

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Missouri legislature fails school transfer test

The Missouri General Assembly finally put together a flawed fix to a problematic state law regarding student transfers out of unaccredited school systems. Senate Bill 493 solves a few problems but creates a host of new ones.

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