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Loyola program takes law school to high school

A Loyola University program brings law students to high school classrooms across New Orleans. The university students teach about the rudiments of the legal system as part of the semester-long Street Law course and national initiative that informs students about the law and their basic rights.

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Minnesota expands School Breakfast Initiative

The School Breakfast Initiative has selected 120 Minnesota schools to participate in the 2014-2015 School Breakfast Challenge. Each participating school will receive $2,500 in unrestricted funds to invest in increasing school breakfast participation in addition to a monetary incentive per meal.

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Recovery plan would cut 148 employees in Ohio district

A Mansfield City School District commission approved a recovery plan draft that would cut 148 employees, including 87 teachers, close an elementary school and make a number of other changes within the district. The district is currently facing a $3.6 million budget deficit.

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Should students sit on school boards?

The debate over whether to include students in school decisions is an important one. But ultimately, putting one or two teenagers on a school board won’t make much of a difference if they don’t represent families traditionally left from the table in the first place.

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Missouri committee approves school transfer bill

A House committee passed legislation that would lower tuition costs an unaccredited school district must pay when students transfer to another district. The bill would drop the tuition cost to 70 percent of the sending district’s tuition rate and money also would be put toward transportation.

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School boards should have final say in district matters in Louisiana

Charter schools should not be forced upon districts whose duly elected officials have already said a resounding "no" to them. And being forced to pay for these unwanted schools adds insult to political and educational injury.

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Charter advocates warn new special ed funding will decimate system

Proposed changes to Pennsylvania's special education funding for school districts and charter schools will put some of the state's charters out of business, according to charter school advocates. The three-tiered system would apply to all of the special education funding that charter and cyberschools receive.

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Chicago mulls privatizing 3 more schools

Amidst community protests, Chicago's school board will consider turning three academically troubled schools over to a private operator, the Academy for Urban School Leadership. Concerns are especially high In North Lawndale, where over 60 percent of its 22 public schools are already privately run.

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Georgia law allows guns in some school zones

The new law signed by Georgia's governor will allow the carrying of firearms by an authorized official of a school, local board of education or educational institution. Included are provisions that allow residents who have concealed carry permits to take guns into some bars, churches, government buildings and certain areas of airports.

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Florida pre-K scores rise with Robert-Leslie Publishing curriculum

Manatee Community Action Agency and Manatee County’s Head Start Voluntary Pre-K are attributing the increased preK readiness rates in a majority of its schools over the past three years to Robert-Leslie Publishing's InvestiGator Club Prekindergarten Learning System curriculum.