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New studies show children improve language and listening skills after using Fast ForWord program from Scientific Learning

Before the Fast ForWord intervention, brain wave measures illustrated that the children with language-based learning disabilities showed a reduction in brain activity associated with sounds that occur as rapidly as speech sounds do during normal talking.

L.A. schools should not separate non-English-speaking children

The plan to separate non-English-speaking elementary students from others in core classes opens the door to classifying Spanish-speaking pupils as “second-class students” simply because they are not proficient in English.

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12 Arizona schools earn failing grade

Twelve public schools in Arizona received a failing grade from the state Department of Education for 2012-13, and several of them have already closed.

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Portland Public Schools parents file complaint, push for more high school instructional hours

A coalition of parents wants the state to force Portland Public Schools to increase high school instructional time and has filed a complaint alleging the district fails to meet minimum requirements for class hours.

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L.A. schools' iPad initiative could be hard to keep paying for

A $1-billion plan to put an iPad into the hands of every Los Angeles student and teacher could prove difficult to sustain financially after about three years, based on figures provided by the L.A. Unified School District.

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Report: Idling motors outside schools are dangerous

When children walk into their school building, they may pass through some of the dirtiest air on their travel from home to class.

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Ohio schools branch out from STEM curriculum

A new STEM school doesn't follow the typical science, technology, engineering and math script. Instead, it has built a STEM identity on weaving government, citizenship and world languages into core lessons.

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Pittsburgh superintendent faces $46M deficit, plans to close a school

Pittsburgh Public Schools superintendent Linda Lane has proposed closing the district's smallest school, Pittsburgh Woolslair K-5 on the Bloomfield-Lawrenceville border, next year as part of a plan aimed at saving as much as $45 million a year through potential cuts ranging from mowing grass less frequently to moving some special education students from regional classrooms to neighborhood schools.

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Why are American schools still segregated?

A new study offers two answers: White people are making up a smaller percentage of the population than they used to, and different races are living in different school districts.

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