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Several schools flagged by Mississippi

The state last year flagged 17 schools whose statewide assessment scores were inconsistent with data prediction models and raised questions about potential cheating. The schools had performed better than expected based on individual, classwide or school test results.

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Quality education trumps state championships

While many of these parents’ concerns may be valid about school athletics and communciations, it is disappointing that the Buffalo community hasn’t shown similar levels of outrage for matters that actually affect young people’s learning and future academic careers. We are placing sports above academics.

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Modify funding, construction planning for schools

By providing the funding that Pennsylvania schools need for instruction and to maintain buildings that are conducive for learning, state leaders can turn election-year optimism into meaningful actions that would benefit all communities.

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Sex education voted down in Louisiana

A bill to require sex education for public school students that would include information about contraceptives was voted down. Current law allows schools to teach sex education to students in seventh through 12th grades. The proposed bill would have mandated sex education and started it in fourth grade.

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Maryland approves $131 million more for school construction

The Maryland Board of Public Works has approved an additional $131 million in unallocated funding for school construction funding. That brings the total amount of school construction funding in the state for the next fiscal year to $325.3 million.

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West Virginia county voters approve $18 million school bond

It took three attempts, but voters in Wayne County have approved an $18 million school construction bond — a key component in a larger $42 million package. That package includes the construction of two new elementary schools and additions and renovations to the local high school.

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Teaching young people about Brown v. Board’s legacy

Whenever an anniversary of a major milestone is celebrated, some might ask what changed since the last one. So it is with the 60th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education case. One of the important lessons of the case and its successor is that people matter.

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60 years after Brown v. Board, how to stop schools from re-segregating

Sixty years after racial segregation was outlawed in schools, public education is again segregating along racial lines. And not just in the South, but across the United States.

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ASCD releases data reports for student success in 50 states

ASCD released new ASCD Whole Child Snapshots highlighting how well each state—and the nation—is meeting the comprehensive needs of its children. The snapshots feature data aligned with the five tenets of ASCD’s Whole Child Initiative—healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.

Goalbook adds resources to its Toolkit

Goalbook has expanded its web-based platform, Toolkit, to include research-based resources that allow teachers to better address social emotional learning (SEL) in the classroom.