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New Florida law allows parent feedback on school textbooks

Florida lawmakers passed a bill putting school districts in charge of choosing school books and curriculum. They also are required to develop a policy where parents can object to his or her child's instructional material.

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Charter school expansion bill passes House

The Success and Opportunity through Quality Charter Schools Act passed the House, just hours after it also passed a bill to expand education research programs. The act would streamline two existing charter school programs, combine grants to open new schools and renovate facilities, and ask for $50 million more in annual charter school funding, bringing the total to $300 million.

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Missouri district promotes from within

The Logan-Rogersville School District has hired a new superintendent of schools. Shawn Randles will take over the position for the new school year. Randles has served with the district for five years as assistant superintendent.

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Michigan district taps Thompson for top position

Robyne Thompson has been chosen as the next superintendent of East Lansing Public Schools. She is currently executive director for secondary education for the Ann Arbor Public Schools.

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Maryland board names Arlotto new superintendent

Anne Arundel County school officials named George Arlotto, the system's current chief of staff and a former principal in Montgomery County, as superintendent of the state's fifth-largest school district and the county's second-largest employer.

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WIN Learning expands in greater Chicago area

WIN Learning's system is being implemented in four Chicago area districts to help students develop academic and foundational skills. Dolton School District 149, Pembroke School District 259, Prairie Hills School District 144 and SPEED School District 802 recently purchased the web-based Personalized Career Readiness System.

Two New Jersey charters ordered to close

The New Jersey Department of Education has ordered two charter schools, one in Camden and the other in Newark, to shut down as a result of low test scores. Both City Invincible Charter School and Greater Newark Charter School have been asked to shut down as of June 30.

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New school funding could transform California schools

When voters approved Proposition 30 in 2012, they created an unprecedented opportunity to reinvent the state's troubled K-12 school system, according to a new report from Stanford's Policy Analysis for California Education. The report suggests that California's school districts should rethink their budget priorities upon receiving new state funding in the years ahead.

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National lunch program dropped by Illinois district

Arlington Heights-based Township High School District 214, the state's second-largest high school district, has voted to drop out of the National School Lunch Program altogether, losing a related $900,000 federal subsidy.

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Screening high school athletes for heart conditions will save lives

The time has come for the federal and state governments and educators to realize that it is necessary to require students – especially high school athletes – to undergo ECG screening for heart irregularities. Let’s do everything we can to avoid losing any more children to sudden death.

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