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Requests to roll back new healthy lunch guidelines

The School Nutrition Association and a number of schools are calling on Congress and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to ease up on the next round of federal healthy food requirements, due July 1.

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Philadelphia school leaders push City Council for more funding

Making a case for a massive infusion of new funding, Philadelphia School District officials told the city council that it had an obligation to do more. Without $216 million in new funding, the district may increase class sizes to up to 41 students, lay off 1,000 employees including teachers and cancel union contracts.

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Hooda Math unveils new, free math games

Hooda Math launched three new games: Integer Tilt, Sand Grid and Time Punch. The games review essential math concepts like integers, coordinate pairs and telling time in an engaging way. All three games cover Common Core grade level standards and are equipped with an email reporting feature.

NetSupport launches NetSupport School Tutor app

NetSupport announced the availability of its NetSupport School Tutor app for Chrome OS. The new app will enable teachers in a dedicated Chrome environment to remotely interact and engage with student Chromebooks from their own Chrome OS-based system.

Cree's new replacement tubes cut energy costs

Cree introduced a series of LED T8 replacement tubes that offer 30 percent energy savings and near-universal driver compatibility.

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Connecticut reform groups playing pivitol role shaping public education

Groups such as New Haven-based ConnCan and Connecticut Council for Education Reform, and StudentsFirst are widely recognized for their lobbying efforts to expand public charters, increase teacher and school accountability and increase funding for school choice programs.

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Educators rally in Raleigh to support local schools

Educators from across North Carolina came together Saturday to find their voice and tell Raleigh lawmakers what they think will keep public schools strong. The forum – Keeping North Carolina Public Schools Strong – was a first for Raleigh-based Public Schools First NC, a nonpartisan public education advocacy group.

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Is Common Core helping Latino children?

Many states, now more than a year into Common Core implementation, have discovered the standards and its accompanying curriculum are not what they were promised. The opponents include parents and educators from all ethnicities.

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What will education look like in 10 years?

Doing away with the traditional grade structure in schools and allowing students to learn at their own paces is one change possibly coming to schools of the future. A transitional year where students work closely with colleges and universities would take the place of grade 12.

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Schools seek part of $250 million Ohio grant program

A total of 662 organizations, including 446 public districts, have requested more than $761 million in the second round of the Straight A Fund grant award process. The applicant pool includes 73 percent of Ohio school districts. The $250 million Straight A Fund was created to promote innovative local ideas and programs to help transform and modernize Ohio’s education system.