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PresenceLearning adds occupational therapy assessments

The company's online occupational therapists conduct the same assessments as those performed in traditional, in-person OT settings, including the Beery VMI, the Sensory Profile, family and teacher interviews, and observation of school and functional skills in the student’s natural learning environment.

Google stops scanning student Gmail accounts for ads

Google has stopped scanning student Gmail accounts for advertising data purposes after the practice was scrutinized during a recent court case. Google Apps for Education offers Gmail accounts, calendars, cloud storage and document creation.

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Education reform is destroying childhood as we know it

The pressure put on teachers to prepare young students for Common Core, college and careers is too much and should be replaced with inspiring them to explore and discover their learning passions.

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Schools should not push the costs of tests onto parents' wallets

These days, every kid has a list for the start of school. These costs pile up. On top of this pile, Illinois is now considering passing along the cost of required testing to students. The schools should pay, while the role of the parents ought to be to encourage studying.

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A master plan on education is a great first step

Connecticut’s Achievement Gap Task Force is drafting a master plan to ensure that every single child, regardless of race, income or ZIP code, gets a high-quality education. Particularly encouraging in the Task Force’s plan is the focus on early childhood education, especially early literacy.

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West Virginia School Building Authority distributes funding

The West Virginia School Building Authority has decided on how it would distribute $43 million in funding. Board members said they received $100 million in requests this year and chose to fund schools in small, rural counties.

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School transfer bill passed by Missouri House

The bill places limits on the private, nonsectarian school transfer option. The bill would modify the 1993 transfer law requiring unaccredited school districts to pay tuition and provide transportation for students who want to attend an accredited school in the same or adjacent county.

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Tennessee study points to gaps in charter school funding

A new study from the University of Arkansas found that charters in Tennessee received 15.3 percent more funds than district schools from 2007 through 2011. On a national scale, the opposite was true with districts taking in more in per-pupil funds than charters in their states.

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New bill would let North Carolina students attend any public school

The proposed legislation would require North Carolina school districts to set up plans allowing families to request a seat in any school in their home district or in any of the state’s other districts. School districts could deny the request for only a few reasons, with lack of space the principal one.

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Wisconsin's DPI issues framework to improve school safety

To ensure Wisconsin schools remain safe environments for learning, the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) announced a new framework to improve school safety. It calls for action in mental health, climate and culture, physical environment and school administrative policies and procedures.

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