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Cadaver lab planned to educate select Ill. high school students

McLean County Medical Society is sponsoring a Human Anatomy Cadaver Dissection Lab for advanced-level high school students interested in careers in medicine. Labs, which will cost no money but offer no credit, will be limited to students who have the interest, maturity and intelligence to work on dissection.

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Time to stop seniority-based teacher staffing

Under current state law, seniority is used as the sole factor in staffing decisions in Pennsylvania's districts, with the recent exception of Philadelphia. House Bill 1722 presents an opportunity for the state to fix this and protect excellent teachers by reforming the practice of seniority-based layoffs.

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Buffalo, N.Y., votes to terminate two top administrators

The Buffalo School Board voted to terminate Faith Morrison Alexander, a chief of school leadership, and Yamilette Williams, chief of curriculum, assessment and instruction, because they lacked the New York district leader certification needed to do their jobs. Despite earlier intentions to try to retain them as interns, there were too many job responsibilities they could not fulfill in that role.

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ST Math Program unveils new middle and high school curricula

The new visual learning programs build on ST Math’s pre-K through fifth grade curricula and expand middle and high school offerings, which were limited to intervention and fluency programs. The new programs are ST Math: Grade 6, ST Math: Middle School Supplement and ST Math: High School Intervention.

Eric Williams as new superintendent for Virginia's fourth largest district

Eric Williams, currently superintendent for Virginia’s York County schools, will become the new superintendent overseeing Loudoun County Public Schools' more than 65,000 students as of this summer. He will succeed Dr. Edgar B. Hatrick III, who has served as superintendent for 23 years.

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Pa. proposal to limit charter sports programs draws debate

Currently, charter students in Pennsylvania who want to play multiple sports must play for their school teams if that sport is offered and, for other sports, may play on teams at their neighborhood public school. A proposal is being introduced that would limit sports programs at charter schools.

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New Jersey city district may lay off 400

Faced with a $75 million shortfall, the Camden City School District announced plans to eliminate 575 positions, resulting in as many as 400 layoffs. The layoffs are attributed to declining enrollment, overspending and cuts in federal funding. The cuts amount to a 32 percent reduction in central office staffing and 20 percent in school staffing.

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Mass. city board votes for over $360 million in renovations

In addition to four other school renovations totaling over $116 million, Lowell's school board voted to make the proposed $245.4 million addition and renovation of Lowell High School its priority building project. The city is submitting funding requests for all five projects to the Massachusetts School Building Authority for potential reimbursement.

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Maine high school graduation rate up, but proficiency lags

Maine's high school graduation rate has gone up 6 percent over the past four years, according to the state Department of Education. Right now, the gap between the overall number of graduates in Maine and those that make it to commencement having mastered reading and math is around 37 percent.

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