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Mother of Sandy Hook victim spurs new security in Massachusetts schools

Through a collaboration with the town and local authorities, a Sudbury district will upgrade school security and emergency preparedness through a cloud-based technology that provides police with live video from camera feeds in Sudbury schools, interactive floor plans of each school building, and 360- degree virtual views of every classroom, utility closet, and hallway.

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A Walmart fortune, spreading charter schools

Since 2002, a Washington, D.C. charter network has received close to $1.2 million in direct grants from the Walton Family Foundation, a philanthropic group governed by the family that founded Walmart.

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High school graduation rate has hit over 80 percent

The high school graduation rate has topped 80 percent for the first time in U.S. history — and if states can keep up their rapid pace of improvement, the rate could hit 90 percent by 2020, according to newly released federal data.

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Smaller classes in St. Paul schools mean less room for diversity

The class-size lim­its her­ald­ed as a key fac­et of the new St. Paul public schools teachers contract are com­pli­cat­ing ef­forts to boost en­roll­ment and blunt­ing an in­itia­tive de­signed to in­te­grate some of the district’s most popu­lar schools.

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New Chicago high school to be named for Obama

Chicago students vying for hard-to-get spots in the city's most competitive public high schools will get a new selective enrollment high school named after President Barack Obama.

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From unlikely high schools, graduates find success

Nationally, the drumbeat of "college and career readiness" has reached a deafening pitch. The common thread among schools with high college acceptance rates is how early they started talking to kids about colleges and careers.

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Layoffs and bigger classes for Philly schools in new budget

Philadelphia School District officials introduced their 2014-15 budget Friday morning, and it was just as grim as promised. It projects operating revenues of $2.5 billion and expenditures of $2.8 billion.

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How Brown v. Board of Education changed—and didn't change—American education

Fifty years after the Supreme Court decision struck down "separate but equal," scholastic opportunities for African-Americans have expanded. But inequality remains a major problem.

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