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Pennsylvania district hires interim superintendent permanently

Quakertown Community School District has hired interim Superintendent William Harner. In January, Superintendent Lisa Andrejko announced her retirement, citing health reasons. She remains on medical leave until her July 1 retirement, at which time Harner’s permanent position will begin.

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Redefining teenage success to relieve pressure in high schools

It’s wonderful to emphasize achievement, but at some point, the pressure to excel takes too great a toll. And lately, some districts are starting to acknowledge that students are sleep-deprived, overwhelmed with homework, and convinced their futures depend on taking five AP classes instead of two.

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There's no school test for respect—but there should be

Unlike reading, writing and math, there are no programs designed to track whether teachers and parents have adequately taught manners, compassion and decorum to our children. Where are the accolades for the kids who are doing the right thing? Where are our lawmakers demanding that teachers have time to teach social skills?

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Lawmakers, stop meddling in school subjects

Under Connecticut's system, local boards develop curriculums to meet state standards, and should be able to do so based on the best available research. Lawmakers' time would be better spent focused on more pressing needs, not developing a laundry list of subjects that need to be covered in schools.

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New York City's pre-K applicants up 36 percent this year

Applications for pre-K programs in the city's schools rose by 36 percent this year following Mayor de Blasio’s promise to provide free classes to every 4-year-old in the city. The Education Department received applications for over 41,600 students for this fall, up from about 30,500 last year.

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Iowa bill approved to define coaches as school employees

The Iowa Legislature approved a last-minute law to redefine coaches as school employees after the Iowa Supreme Court cleared a high school coach who had consensual sex with a 16-year-old student.

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Goodwill charter would bring dropouts of all ages back to school

Goodwill Industries has applied to open a Shelby County charter school in Tennessee to help people who have dropped out of school to earn a high school diploma. The Excel Center would use a model focused on dropout recovery for students of all ages.

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Washington becomes first state to return to No Child Left Behind

The No Child Left Behind Act federal education law will be in full effect in Washington again for the coming school year after the state lost its federal program waiver. The state Legislature failed to agree on complying with federal guidelines, which tie students' standardized test scores to teacher evaluations.

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Minnesota high school leagues drafting transgender policies

The South Dakota High School Activities Association is considering a proposal that would allow transgender students to participate in extracurricular activities according to their self-identified gender rather than the gender listed on their records.

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Destiny 12.0 with Universal Search is Follett's newest release

Follett released Destiny 12.0 with Universal Search, a new search interface that allows students to seamlessly search and access all print and digital content within the Destiny Library Manager platform.