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Tenn. high school graduates to receive free tuition to community colleges

As part of the proposed Tennessee Promise bill, high school graduates will receive free tuition to a community college or technical school in the state. The plan will take effect in fall 2015, funded by $300 million from the state's lottery fund. The state expects 25,000 students to apply at an estimated cost of $34 million a year.

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R.I. Senate task force calls for new way of funding school construction

A task force proposes using 1 percent of Rhode Island’s 7-percent sales tax to pay for school construction projects in an effort to reduce the state’s reliance on costly bonds.

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Two construction projects approved for Concord, N.C., district

Cabarrus County's board approved $15.5 million in capital outlay funding for one school replacement and $16 million for a new elementary school despite a projected significant gap between the estimated construction cost and the amount funded.

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Follett renews partnership with MetaMetrics

Follett and MetaMetrics are continuing to partner on education-focused content and reading data to help educators connect students with age and reading level appropriate books, ebooks and digital resources. In addition to other collaborations, Follett is currently integrating MetaMetrics' Lexile measures into its Follett Shelf Classroom Connections.

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New Orleans school building repair fund bill clears committee

A bill to maintain the Louisiana city's newly built and renovated public school buildings cleared the House Education Committee. The city is in the middle of an unprecedented school rebuilding plan paid for by $1.8 billion, mostly from FEMA.

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Meria Carstarphen picked as next Atlanta superintendent

The Atlanta Public Schools Board of Education approved the hiring of Meria Carstarphen as the new superintendent. Transferring from Austin, Texas, Carstarphen replaces Erroll Davis, who will retire after joining the district three years ago in the wake of the school system's cheating scandal.

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New incentive program increasing attendance in Alaska

The first year of an Anchorage district's perfect attendance incentive program is almost over. Compared to last school year, first quarter absences dropped 21 percent. Over 12,000 elementary students and more than 400 high school students are still eligible for the Disneyland vacation and free car prizes.

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High school students to run national film festival

Loyola High School in Los Angeles will showcase the work of young filmmakers from across the country via a student-run film festival to be held May 17. Open to all U.S. high school students, the Loyola Film Festival will feature three categories: narrative short, documentary short and action sports.

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Enforcing a dress code for parents in Florida

A Florida high school wants to set a dress code for parents. It’s highly unlikely that the dress code for parents could be enforced, but a Broward County School Board member would like the situation to be addressed by principals.

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