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New effort underway to change Maryland charter schools law

Maryland should recruit successful charter schools to the state and consider granting them greater autonomy and control over teacher contracts, according to a new study by the Abell Foundation.

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Montanans weigh in on bill to expand school districts

Students, administrators, teachers and parents weighed in on a bill that would give three medium sized school districts the opportunity to build a high school of their own. A proposed bill in Montana would allow voters in certain medium-sized school districts to create their own high school.

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Largest Alabama school system may ban e-cigarette use

The Mobile County school board will consider a revision to its tobacco use policy that would include electronic cigarettes on the list of tobacco products prohibited on school grounds.

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Out-of-school suspensions can hamper even unpunished students

A new study of a large urban Kentucky school district showed that all students who attended schools with high suspension rates suffered declining academic achievement.

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The guidance counselor crisis

How might schools better equip students with a shortage of guidance counselors? One solution is to bring in mentors who take pressure off the overwhelmed guidance counselors. Retirees are one great source of talent — they have the experience, time and wisdom.

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SEAS Education’s educational planning software implemented in two districts

Florida's Duval County School District and California's San Diego USD have adopted SEAS Education's Achieve 2.0 Educational Planning Management Software. Achieve 2.0 supports school district education plan types including Academic and Behavior RTI, Section 504, English Language Learner and Gifted.

Casio expands projector portfolio with Ecolite Lampfree model

A new introductory model has been added to Casio America, Inc.'s portfolio of projector offerings. The EcoLite XJ-V1 projector provides a 30 percent increase in LED light output, offering a greater increase in color spectrum.

Epson expands line of projectors for large venues

Epson introduced eight new PowerLite Pro G-Series projectors delivering enhanced connectivity and installation flexibility for large spaces. The new models have a built-in HDBaseT interface for easier connectivity.

How can your librarian help bolster brain-based teaching practices?

Transitioning back to an inquiry-based approach to instruction requires students to take a more active role and asks teachers to step back into a supportive position. It can be a tough transition for many students and their teachers, but turning to the school librarian for support could make the transition a little easier.

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Ohio superintendent wants to cut school testing

The state superintendent recommended reducing testing by nearly 20 percent. Superintendent Richard Ross also made numerous recommendations, including eliminating the fall third-grade reading exam.

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