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New Orleans' school systems consider agreement for troubled youth

The Orleans Parish School Board's approved a cooperative agreement with the state Recovery School District that would help students with severe disabilities, persistent school absences, prison histories and other issues.

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N.J. metro district to see 25% boost in enrollment by 2017

The development boom will lead Jersey City's public school district enrollment to increase by 25 percent by 2017. According to a new study, the enrollment gains will be in grades K through 5. There are also an inadequate number of pre-K centers for the expected increase in families with small children.

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High schools must add hours to their course schedules, Oregon declares

Many Portland-area high schools will have to revise their high school schedules for the coming year to comply with a state directive to make every high school class at least 130 hours long. High school credits issued will be considered invalid starting next school year unless they comply with the ruling.

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Syracuse, N.Y. teachers, parents call for action on school discipline

A newly formed teachers and parents group asked the Syracuse school board to ensure that violent or disruptive students are quickly removed from their regular classrooms and transferred to alternative programs.

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Indiana lawmakers revise bill to allow guns on school property

The primary change made by lawmakers negotiating Senate Bill 229 is intended to clarify language that gun opponents thought would have allowed people to carry guns while on school parking lots or in school buildings.

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Preschool moves to the head of the class in Cleveland

A partnership between the Cleveland schools and more than 30 local agencies to expand high-quality preschools may be the key to turning around the Cleveland public schools.

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Education reform has worked for Mass. - it’s time for the next round

Much work remains to be done, especially in closing the achievement gap, and Massachusetts can’t shrink from it. That’s why it’s disturbing—but not entirely surprising—that the latest education-reform bill is languishing in the Legislature.

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Correcting SAT isn't the answer

For now, the SAT and ACT are here to stay. And that's OK, if colleges have the smarts to put them in proper perspective. A better approach is for schools to determine whether higher scores really do predict better success at their institutions and give scores the weight they deserve.

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"No child...is going to go hungry" lunch bill passes Minn. House

Minnesota House unanimously approved a $3.5 million measure for the state underwrite the cost of hot lunches for students who are eligible for reduced priced lunch. A provision was also added to forbid schools from stigmatizing or demeaning students who lacked the funds to pay for hot lunches.

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Honeywell Power releases new power supply series

The company introduced a new series of power supplies that deliver more DC power to CCTV cameras and other peripheral devices. The new line includes features to speed installation and service calls, as well as increase survivability of system operations when a facility’s AC power is lost.