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National Education Fight Likely to Split Lawmakers

Democratic senators from rural areas are seeking a rewrite of the No Child Left Behind law to give their constituents a better chance of competing for federal funding, a touchy subject among politicians. A debate over education policy will likely split lawmakers along the same regional lines that divided them during the recent debate over gun control legislation.

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New Tablet for Education Ready to Compete Against Apple and Samsung

This dynamic package provides teachers and students access to the largest collection of eBooks and thousands of apps, with the power to create multi-media content.

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TreeRing Brings Social Networking to School Yearbooks

The entire school community can share, like, and comment on photos, memories, and events from the school year. Parents and students are then able to personalize their yearbook by choosing the photos and memories they find most important, and have those photos and memories printed in their unique copy of the school yearbook.

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Rullingnet Launches Blended Learning Programs for Early Childhood

Integrating the best of both digital and traditional learning, VINCI Blended Learning Programs are fully integrated learning programs that mesh with the ECE, Common Core standards and Head Start Standards.

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myCore, Earns Prestigious Cool Tool Distinction from EdTech Digest

The EdTech Digest Cool Tool awards recognize new, emerging and established technology solutions for education; the Trendsetter awards include notable people or products shaping the space, and the EdTech Leadership awards recognize outstanding forward-thinking contributions to learning and technology.

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RosettaBooks Releases Vonnegut Commencement Speeches

Edited by longtime friend of Vonnegut, Dan Wakefield, the compilation reads like a narrative. The celebration of what Vonnegut called “the long-delayed puberty ceremony” will inspire recent graduates as well as those whose college years are long ago.

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Education Product Integration Simplifies Assessment, Reporting

This new integration with Insight 360 enables educators to access dynamic student rosters, deliver teacher or district created assessments from a simple drop-down menu, and upload data to Illuminate’s web-based platform for detailed analysis.

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High School Teachers Welcome to Google Workshop

With help from a grant from Google, Fairfield University’s School of Engineering will present a workshop June 26-28, 2013 for area high school teachers looking for innovative, out of the box ways to use Google Apps, computer science, and gaming tools in the classroom.

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Edgenuity Offers Career and Technical Education (CTE) Curriculum

A multi-year progression divided into three phases – Explorations, Career Planning and Life Skills, and Pathways – leads students from identifying their career interests in middle school all the way to planning for professional certification in high school.

Preparing for Online Teaching

Web-based assessment and communication skills in K12.