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Ricoh introduces customizable bubble-sheet test

Ricoh Americas Corporation launched its Ricoh Testing and Grading Solution to enable educators to create their own bubble-sheet optical mark recognition (OMR) tests, print them using a Ricoh multifunction product (MFP) and automatically grade tests using the MFP’s scanning capability.

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Track your progress in digital learning

Take the Vision K-20 Survey to monitor your school or district’s progress toward digital education goals! All who take this survey are entered to win one of twenty $25 Amazon gift cards.

Northampton, Mass., names John Provost as new superintendent

Northampton's school committee named John Provost, currently the superintendent of the North Brookfield Public Schools, as the city's new superintendent. He will replace Brian Salzer, who left the post for a job in Germany after only two years.

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Does school reform have to mean separate and unequal?

Making test scores too high a priority can ultimately limit students' real potential. Taking a broader perspective with a variety of enrichment options enhances not only test scores, but more important predictors of life success.

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Teachers to be added under new school budget in N.J. district

The North Brunswick Board of Education has approved a tentative budget for 2014-2015 that would raise school taxes by 2 percent and includes $11.95 million in state aid. In addition to filling several new therapist, administrative and aide positions, the district will be adding more than 10 teachers.

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Florida county proposes taking over a charter high school

After a decade of not opening any schools, Pinellas County wants to launch a third new school this year. The plan came about after Gulf Coast Academy, an alternative charter high school for at-risk students in Largo, decided to close its doors. Two other charters are also calling it quits this summer.

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New York City charter school war could go national

New York City's mayor and the governor just hammered out a truce over charters that most people probably assume only matters in that state. They are wrong.The fact that a governor like Andrew Cuomo, someone mentioned as a future presidential contender, came out so strongly in support of charters won't go unnoticed nationally.

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Tennessee schools to receive mixed drink taxes

Following a state attorney general’s opinion, two Tennessee towns must send half of the mixed drink taxes they have collected to the county to fund public education. The schools will receive over $80,000 from Dandridge and an undetermined amount from Baneberry.

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Wildlife Acoustics launches bat detector app

Wildlife Acoustics introduced its new Echo Meter Touch bat detector/recorder/analyzer, a key-fob-sized ultrasonic module that accompanies a free Echo Meter touch app and plugs into an iPhone or iPad. The module-app combination provides teachers and students with a fully functional spectrogram viewer.

For Financial Literacy Month, Centsables launches lesson modules

Centsables, an animated TV series focused on financial literacy, is releasing lesson modules, available in teacher and parent versions. Each module includes two episodes of the show with the correlating lesson plans as well as downloads for all materials and certificates of completion.