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Music education valuable asset in school curricula

Here is an idea to promote educational productivity: School boards should invest in the arts, which have been proven to enhance the learning process, stimulate the brain, assist lower-socioeconomic students and increase standardized test scores.

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Despite new Texas law, Algebra II still a college requirement

Though a new law removes algebra II as a core requirement for a high school diploma, many Texas universities say they will not change their admissions standards to drop the advanced math course anytime soon.

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NSLA and Capstone's myON announce summer reading partnership

The summer programs in seven school districts, which are part of the National Summer Learning Association's New Vision for Summer School Network, will include free, unlimited access to Capstone's myON with thousands of enhanced digital books and tracking and measurement tools.

Removing Mich. boards' authority to make financial decisions is bad policy

State Superintendent Flanagan, frustrated by the fiscal problems in our K12 system, suggested giving the authority to make these fiscal decisions to superintendents rather than local boards. At first blush, his idea may hold appeal.

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H&R Block running a "How Big is a Billion?" contest

H&R Block recently introduced the "How Big is a Billion?" contest, a new educational program that asks teachers to turn the idea of $1 billion into a math assignment for a chance to win a $3,000 grant by March 14.

After-School All-Stars receives $4M grant from New York Life

New York Life Foundation announced a $4 million grant to After-School All-Stars, a nonprofit providing year-round, school-based, afterschool programs. The four-year grant will be used to support expansion to serve middle school youth in six new cities.

Plan in Washington to borrow against lottery for school construction

A bipartisan plan for paying for public schools emerged in the state House, offering a creative way to pay for $700 million in school construction by borrowing against $50 million a year in future state Lottery profits.

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S.C. schools may benefit from new idea to fund construction

Two state lawmakers have introduced a bill to allow them to present county voters with a 1-cent sales tax request for school construction needs on the November ballot. The bill would provide the penny-tax option to the state’s counties that do not raise a minimum amount in accommodation taxes.

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Wyoming Senate panel puts brakes on school construction

Members of the Senate Appropriations Committee objected to some K12 school building projects appearing on the design and construction list without appearing to go through the initial planning step under the established process.

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Is New York City's charter school fight indicative of a national trend?

When does a local education fight become a national bellwether? When it touches a policy lightning rod, scrambles partisan allegiances and involves political actors who stand in for whole political ideologies.

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