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Senate panel approves Tennessee school voucher plan

A Tennessee bill that would issue vouchers for private school tuition to up to 5,000 low-income students this fall and to as many as 20,000 students in 2017 passed through the Senate Education Committee.

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Virginia city chooses company to construct five schools

Norfolk is teaming with S. B. Ballard Construction Co. to build five new schools for the city within the next four to five years. Three local architectural firms are working with Ballard on the design for the schools.

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Option to use sales tax for S.C. school construction costs

In South Carolina, a bill was advanced through the Senate Finance Committee that would allow school districts in all of the state’s 46 counties to ask voters to approve a 1 cent sales tax for building projects.

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Tales2Go and MetaMetrics partner on search measures

Tales2Go, a provider of audio books for early childhood programs and primary schools, is partnering with MetaMetrics to add Lexile measures to provide Tales2Go subscribers better search options to find appropriate audio book matches for individual students or grades.

Edgenuity partners with Sophia on dual credit courses

Edgenuity is offering new, dual credit general education courses through a partnership with Sophia. The 11 online courses can be taught and led by on-site teachers at a school or district or by Edgenuity’s virtual instructors.

Getting serious about the Washington teacher quality gap

Providing disadvantaged students with high-quality teachers does not guarantee their schooling success, but it certainly goes a long way towards increasing the odds that they will do well school, go on to college and lead productive lives.

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New York district approves $70 million in upgrades

Voters in Schenectady approved $70 million in capital improvements in the district to deal with anticipated growth and to renovate aging school buildings. The district is counting on $66.5 million in state building aid and $3.5 million in EXCEL money to cover the full amount of the project.

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Mascots by any other name

Mascots with names like the Orientals and the Redskins will no longer be cheering on student athletes in some schools. Districts across the county are coming under fire from civil rights groups for perpetuating negative cultural stereotypes that could impact students’ view of a diverse society.

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Nation's most segregated schools are in New York, not deep south

The nation's most segregated schools aren't in the deep south–they're in New York, according to a report released by the University of California, Los Angeles' Civil Rights Project. In particular, 19 out of New York City's 32 Community School Districts had 10 percent or fewer white students in 2010.

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