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Speak Up 2013 findings show growth in flipped classroom implementation

A quarter of administrators identified flipped learning as having a significant impact on transforming teaching and learning while 75 percent of middle and high school students agree that flipped learning would be a good way for them to learn, according to new findings from Speak Up 2013.

VMP Launches new large flat panel

Video Mount Products is launching its new FP-LWAB large flat panel wall mount with tilt and articulating capabilities at 2014 ISC West, held in Las Vegas, Nev. from April 2-4.

The never-ending controversy over all-girls education

It's extremely tricky to prove scientifically whether or not single-sex schooling is effective.

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Denver Public Schools considers longer days for more schools

Across Denver Public Schools, the idea of having an expanded school day has grown as an improvement for more than just turnaround and innovation programs who needed more time to help struggling students.

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Charter schools in wealthy areas at center of NYC battle

New York state law requires charter schools -- publicly funded but privately run -- to improve student achievement, especially among those “at risk of academic failure.” Still, Success Academy, the nonprofit that is the city’s biggest charter chain, is opening schools in wealthier neighborhoods like Union Square, where the median household income was $103,198 in 2012, about twice the city median, according to U.S. Census Bureau data.

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Two principals sue Columbus schools over data-tampering firings

The two Columbus principals who sued the school board, current and former superintendents and many others yesterday seek vindication, their jobs back and at least $400,000 each.

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Thousands of preschool students face suspension

Even preschoolers are getting suspended from U.S. public schools — and they're disproportionately black, a trend that continues up through the later grades.

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Failure of Virginia's public schools is no longer an option

The use of best practices within classrooms provides the path toward high-quality instruction and, just as important, ensures the joy in learning that all students deserve. Whether or not Virginia’s Opportunity Education Institution board retains the privilege of leading this effort remains to be seen.

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A child well-being model of school reform

Instead of tackling symptoms like low achievement, we need to focus on enriching school life for optimal development. A school culture that is safe for teachers is one that cultivates successful and healthy children.

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Delaware will "forgive" up to six snow days

State leaders have approved requests from school districts to "forgive" some required class time. The Delaware Board of Education waived the need to make up six days when states of emergency were declared or state offices were closed.

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