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Districts look at extended school days and years

Some lawmakers want school time extension to go beyond just tacking a few days and hours. Arranged to include frequent, shorter breaks, year-round calendars could help reduce "summer slide.”

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Missouri House committee approves bill to block new standards

The measure to prevent the nationwide rollout of the federal Common Core standards in the state was approved by a House committee. Building concern from parents bolstered a measure to repeal the standards in Missouri, said bill sponsor Rep. Kurt Bahr.

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Bill to void Common Core passes Indiana House

The Indiana House overwhelmingly approved a bill that would void Common Core standards. Senate Bill 91, passed by the full Senate last month, now heads to a conference committee to resolve differences with the Senate version.

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Early childhood education worth the investment

Despite the support of the state’s Chamber of Commerce, the United Way, Gov. Mike Pence and House Speaker Brian Bosma, an effort to directly fund preschool in Indiana will have to wait.

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Is rally for Okla. public schools the best option?

Hundreds of people are expected to gather at the state Capitol March 31 in support of better funding for public schools. A more effective method of making a difference would be if teachers, administrators and parents contacted their state representatives.

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Smithsonian presents “How Things Fly” online series

The Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access is hosting a free online conference for teachers and students March 12, where experts from the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum will explain the two forces that enable things to fly: lift and thrust.

Edgenuity launches new economics course

The new semester-long course introduces micro- and macroeconomic theory while covering a range of timely topics, from the characteristics of different economic models to the intersection of government and business.

BoomWriter introduces common core-aligned ELA lesson plans

Teaching and learning app BoomWriter now features Common Core-aligned English Language Arts lesson plans. The lesson plans are free for teachers to use and cover a range of grades.

N.J. district saves green on energy

The Ridgewood district has already reaped at least $55,000 in energy savings for the 2013-14 school year, based on the calculations of an energy conservation company.

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HB Construction lands $35 million New Mexico project

HB Construction will soon begin work on a $35.1 million addition and renovation of Bernalillo High School.

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