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Making music with Little Kids Rock, Berklee College of Music and N.Y.

Little Kids Rock and Berklee College of Music are partnering with New York City's Department of Education to expand the district’s Modern Band music program to an additional 60,000 students in 600 city schools. The donated services and resources for the "Amp Up NYC" initiative are estimated at $10 million.

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At a N.Y. school started by parents, uncertainty about how to include them

Midway through Highbridge Green School’s first year, parents and educators are grappling with what parent involvement will look like going forward with daily operations and long-term visions. The middle school's creation was spurred by United Parents of Highbridge, a group that was lobbying New York City to create a middle school.

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$100M in West Virginia building requests with $45M award cap

Districts across the state asked the West Virginia School Building Authority (SBA) for funding for various projects. A total of 19 counties plan to ask for funding, adding up to over $100 million in requests, with the SBA only planning to award about $45 million.

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Portland Public Schools plans to hire 180

Under a new proposed plan, Portland Public Schools is looking to add 150 teachers and about 30 other staff members next year. Superintendent Carole Smith said an improving economy and property tax revenue will allow the district to increase spending by about $20 million.

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Missouri’s schools underfunded by $656 million

Missouri’s K12 schools are underfunded by $656 million in the 2013-2014 school year, according to a study from the Missouri Budget Project. The study, which uses the state’s “foundation formula” adopted by lawmakers in 2005, says funding for this year is 17 percent below its required level.

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What’s happening to Newark’s public schools and why

Newark Superintendent Cami Anderson and her team have developed and are prepared to implement a bold plan in 2014 to combat poor performance, underutilized, crumbling schools, administrative and support staff costs and a growing excess pool of teachers and principals, to name a few of the many issues the metro area is facing.

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New Orleans' two school systems approve landmark agreement

The Orleans Parish School Board and Recovery School District approved a major cooperative agreement that focuses on coordinating and improving services for students with disabilities, severe behavior problems, persistent truancy or criminal histories.

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IESD measures writing programs up against Common Core standards

IESD Inc. released a new white paper that documents results of its research examining how six leading elementary writing programs measure up to the requirements of the Common Core standards and research-based best practices.

Netchemia acquires online recruiting provider SchoolSpring

Netchemia, LLC, a K12 talent managment company, has acquired online recruiting and application management provider SchoolSpring, Inc. The acquisition provides Netchemia with expanded and enhanced software, services and support capabilities.

New York City mayor and charters need to reconsider stances

As for the tone of the debate, charter advocates need to put aside the hyperbole about being under siege. Mayor de Blasio needs to renounce divisive rhetoric that portrays the charters as alien institutions instead of the public schools that they actually are.

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