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Tulsa-area schools see mixed funding in midyear adjustments in state aid

Midyear adjustments in state aid for Tulsa-area districts came in mostly as expected, but an overall reduction in per-pupil expenditures still stings, school officials say.

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Report raises questions about Nevada’s school accountability under No Child Left Behind waiver

Many “failing” Nevada school were given a pass under the state’s new accountability system, according to a recently released national report.

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Nebraska state ed department begins plans to 'score' schools

The Nebraska Department of Education took a step Monday toward creating a system to hold schools accountable for student achievement by combining what are now numerous rankings into just a few classifications.

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Portland Public Schools marathon contract talks don't yield deal

Portland Public Schools and its teachers union were unable to reach a deal despite a 21-hour marathon bargaining session, and both sides are now figuring out what to do next.

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Arizona lawmaker seeks expanded vouchers for private and parochial schools

Proponents of a voucher-like program are preparing to make them available to more than 400,000 students statewide now that court challenges to the initial program have been rebuffed.

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Some California charter schools are opening for the wrong reasons, experts say

In a state besieged by budget cuts and where per-pupil spending is among the lowest in the nation, dozens of schools converted to charters in the 1990s and 2000s in search of a funding boost.

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Slow broadband internet speeds vex nation's schools

As public schools nationwide embrace instruction via iPads, laptops and other technologies, many are realizing they lack the necessary broadband speed to perform even simple functions.

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There's a cheaper, more effective way to train teachers

Teacher apprenticeship can take many different forms, but at its core it means pairing a beginner teacher with an experienced “master teacher” who can both demonstrate effective teaching techniques—a good transition between a lesson and independent practice, for example—and then help the beginner adopt these techniques, reflect on them, and eventually forge his or her own unique style.

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CTIA-The Wireless Association explores wireless educational opportunities and parental controls

In this month's Wonder of Wireless video series and on its blog, CTIA-The Wireless Association shows how consumers may make the most of the educational opportunities of wireless, as well parental controls that monitor and manage children's wireless use to encourage responsible habits.

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The case for nagging kids about their homework

Making students care about school enough to give their best effort is an intractable problem for both parents and teachers. Research shows that many diligent, good students find a sharp fall off in motivation in the middle-school years.

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