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ScholarCentric unveils new assessment of resiliency skills for grades 3-5

The new Success Highways Resiliency Assessments, geared for grades 3-5, enable educators to identify social-emotional factors that affect student performance.

Kickboard paper on better learning environments with student data

The white paper explores the variety of data points educators should collect and analyze, so as to make instructional decisions based on a “360-degree” understanding of the whole child.

DecisionEd selected by Ill. district to meet data analysis goals

DecisionEd has entered into an agreement with Community Unit School District 308 to deliver performance management solutions, implementing a data warehouse solution for data management, analytics and reports.

$100M for Newark school construction waits for approval

The Newark superintendent announced the state had committed $100 million to repair the district’s dilapidated buildings.

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FEMA grants $20 million to rebuild schools destroyed in Texas blast

FEMA has awarded the West ISD a $20 million grant to rebuild the high school and middle school that were completely destroyed in the April 17 fertilizer plant explosion.

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Concealed-carry in Illinois schools is the wrong approach

Arming teachers in schools may be tantalizing to some gun-rights advocates, but it is dangerous public policy that unnecessarily puts children’s lives at risk by having firearms in their vicinity and turns teachers into security guards.

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Stop the politics and adopt the Common Core

This is a pivotal moment for the Common Core State Standards. The debate about the standards must be changed to ensure politics and mythology don't derail a vital effort to improve opportunities for our kids as they are falling further behind their international peers.

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Maine ed committee approves moratorium on virtual charter schools

Under an amended bill, the state would partner with New Hampshire’s state-run virtual academy to allow any Maine student to access their online resources by this fall.

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Wisconsin approves new K12 financial literacy grants

Wisconsin’s Departments of Financial Institutions and Public Instruction are teaming up to provide a $250,000 statewide grant program to encourage K12 districts to incorporate personal finance education into their curricula.

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House approves Utah bill to award grants for preschool

The House voted to create a state program to award grants to schools, families and day-care centers to implement quality preschool curriculum for at-risk kids.

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