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Gov. vetoes virtual school moratorium as Maine Senate approves it

A bill to put the brakes on virtual charter schools was approved by the Senate and quickly vetoed by Gov. LePage. The bill aimed to stop the creation of virtual schools while the Department of Education develops its own online offerings.

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Kansas Supreme Court to hand down school finance decision

The upcoming ruling on a landmark school funding case could force lawmakers to spend $600 million more annually on education. The lawsuit alleges that the Legislature abandoned its constitutional obligation to suitably fund elementary and secondary schools.

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Florida county consider full school choice

A Palm Beach County School Board proposal would divide the county into four or five regional zones. Students would still get assigned to specific schools, but their parents could more easily opt out and choose from other schools in their area.

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Over half of public schools needs renovations

A National Center for Education Statistics survey reported that over half the nation's public schools need to be repaired, renovated or modernized. Getting these schools in good condition would cost about $197 billion.

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High school students benefit from college & tech career credit programs

Research from the Education Commission of the States shows students enrolled in dual programs that allow high school students to complete post-secondary or career and technical training credits are more likely to graduate high school and enroll in a higher education.

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Early Numeracy Success seminar offered by SDE

Staff Development for Educators' seminar on Early Numeracy Success! Strategies for Building a Strong Math Foundation seminar, offered this spring for educators of grades K2, is designed to take the guess work out of how to teach math content the way today's rigorous standards require.

Georgia county seeking assistant superintendents

The Putnam County Board of Education is searching for two people to fill assistant superintendent slots–one for curriculum and instruction and one for human resources and operations–that have been vacant for more than a year.

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Money alone won’t solve the problems of New York’s schools

Ultimately, the entire funding system needs to be restructured in a way that emphasizes results, accountability and an appropriate balance between paying teachers well while also respecting taxpayers and protecting N.Y.'s economy.

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Music education valuable asset in school curricula

Here is an idea to promote educational productivity: School boards should invest in the arts, which have been proven to enhance the learning process, stimulate the brain, assist lower-socioeconomic students and increase standardized test scores.

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