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The Common Core's unsung benefit: It teaches kids to be good citizens

Common Core is not just about college and career readiness. It is also deeply and explicitly focused on preparing students for the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

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Many Ohio high school students text and drive, survey shows

Almost half of the students text or email while driving, only one in five are eating their fruits and veggies every day and an increasing number are playing video games for more than three hours a day, according to the Ohio Department of Health's Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

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2014 is a bad year for school budgets in Vermont

A new statewide tally shows 35 out of 252 school budgets were defeated in town meeting voting, the most since 2003, as voters reacted to the possibilities of increased local school tax rates and state property rates.

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Director - Special Education

Utah Senate passes bill to tweak school grading

A bill was advanced to tweak how letter grades are given to schools based on year-end testing and graduation rates. One change would end the practice of giving an automatic F grade if schools fail to test at least 95 percent of students.

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Wake County, N.C. board opposes state's teacher tenure elimination law

The school board passed a resolution opposing the state’s plan to offer pay raises to top teachers in return for giving up tenure rights. They charged that the new contracts would hurt teachers’ morale, inhibit their spirit of collaboration and would not fairly pay enough teachers for their hard work.

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Missouri state budget plan includes increases for schools

Rep. Rick Stream, the House budget committee chairman, proposed increasing K12 public schools' funding at Governor Nixon’s recommended amount of $278 million for fiscal year 2015—but only if Nixon’s revenue estimate of 5.2 percent growth proves true.

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La., N.Y. and Wash. districts earn top national honors in NSBA's 2014 Magna Awards

Recognizing school boards for taking bold and innovative steps to advance public education, the grand prize Magna Awards winners are St. Charles Parish Public Schools in Luling, La., Orleans/Niagara Board of Cooperative Educational Services in Medina, N.Y. and Kent School District in Kent, Wash.

College Board to revise SATs by spring of 2016

Saying its college admission exams do not focus enough on the important academic skills, the College Board announced a fundamental rethinking of the SAT, eliminating obligatory essays, ending the longstanding penalty for guessing wrong and cutting obscure vocabulary words.

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Janice Wycoff named as Clear Fork Valley, Ohio's superintendent

Janice Wycoff will start her new term as superintendent at Clear Fork Valley Local Schools on August 1. David Ritter, interim superintendent at Clear Fork, will stay in that position until Wycoff begins.

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