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Study shows Benchmark Literacy program improved reading achievement

The results of a scientific research study on Benchmark Education's Benchmark Literacy reading program among K6 students in several Virginia schools showed that the program helped 11 percent more students score proficient or advanced on Virginia's SOL test than their state’s average.

States that spend the least on students are growing the fastest

The school populations of Nevada and Arizona are expected to increase by 20 percent in the next decade—but these states also are in the bottom 10 on the list of per-pupil spending.

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Indiana House OKs bill to allow guns in school lots

A controversial bill allowing people to keep guns locked and out of sight in parked cars on school property passed the Indiana House, with mostly Republican support.

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Lawmakers in Ind. may allow ads on school buses

The state's Senate approved a bill that would create a pilot program to let three cash-strapped districts sell advertising on school buses, with the money raised going to transportation costs.

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Utah bill advances to remove home school curriculum rules

The Utah Senate endorsed a bill that would remove requirements for parents who home-school their children to follow state curriculum guidelines and school hour requirements.

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Two new Ohio charter schools win district backing

The Cleveland district agreed to support two new charter schools. The Lakeshore Intergenerational School will be in partnership with the Breakthrough charter while the Global Ambassadors Leadership Academy would be a city school running Mandarin and Spanish-language immersion programs.

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West Texas students dig deep for new environmental project

An El Paso charter school is in the midst of a 2-year sustainability practice project. As students create and maintain a 1.25-acre community garden and outdoor classroom, teachers are also incorporating the project into their daily curriculum with future plans for green urban planning projects.

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Maine votes to approve state's first virtual school

The Maine Charter School Commission voted to reject a Lewiston-Auburn school that would be affiliated with an imam tied to political upheaval in Turkey, but did approve the state’s first Web-based charter school.

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A Georgia school's experiment: Cutting out the classroom

Gas costs, budget cuts and jam-packed school days loaded with tests have all cut back on field trips that used to dot educational calendars. But if schools find a willing partner, they could easily replicate the idea behind the "school with no walls."

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How the economy is influencing school standardized testing

At its core, the Keystone Exams and the underlying Common Core curriculum are not just about public school students' academic achievement. The forces behind the push are as much economic as they are educational.

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