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Providence schools win $3 million grant to teach ‘soft’ skills

Using a program called “Mind in the Making,” children will be taught the “seven life skills every child needs to be successful.” Those skills include focus and self-control, critical thinking, taking on challenges and communicating.

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Louisiana certifies three language immersion schools

The state’s DoE has certified three schools in five locations as world language immersion schools, including two Baton Rouge schools, Westdale Middle School and the Baton Rouge Foreign Language Academic Immersion Magnet.

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State surprises Normandy schools by taking financial control

The Missouri Board of Education voted to take financial control of the unaccredited Normandy district, which is buckling under the financial weight of state’s school transfer law.

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Coalition accuses N.C. schools of discrimination

Union County schools are one of two North Carolina districts being accused of discriminating against young immigrants, under a complaint filed with the U.S. Department of Justice.

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PALS and PALS espanol selected by Colo. BOE

CaseNEX, LLC announced that the Colorado Board of Education voted to include PALS and PALS espanol's inclusion on the Reading to Ensure Academic Development.

Fixing education in our cities requires radical ideas

So now into this debate comes Rochelle Riley, the columnist for the Detroit Free Press. She has made the radical suggestion that residential public schools – boarding schools, in other words – might be worth a try in Detroit.

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Palo Alto superintendent to resign

Kevin Skelly informed parents and community members that he will resign at the end of the school year from the California USD.

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Meaningful work kept students in school

We weren't big on scolding kids or hounding parents about absences or misbehavior. Instead, we pursued a number of measures to make school a desirable place for students to be.

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SDA approves plan for new Trenton High School

In NJ, the Schools Development Authority approved a revised plan that paves the way for the construction of a new 340,000 square foot high school.

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Napa district to build tech center

The California district will convert an existing building into a new 15,500-square foot tech center by gutting the inside while maintaining the 1920s exterior.

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