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Kentucky Schools Launch Statewide Cloud-based ERP System

Of Kentucky’s 174 school districts, the remaining Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) is working with Tyler on a migration plan, and will keep its more than 100,000 students and 6,400 teachers on its current, on-premise Munis system until the migration is complete.

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MRL Announces Educational Technology Division

The new division complements MRL’s vision to synthesize high-quality education research and high-quality educational technology research to improve student learning.

New Route to Transportation Savings

Public and private students living in the Solanco Public Schools district are picked up and dropped off daily at one of five hubs Solanco uses to bus students.

Blackboard Collaborate

To change the way teachers teach today’s active learners, we must change the way teachers learn using the learning technologies and media already embraced by their students, such as Blackboard Collaborate.

Strict Lunch Standards Tied to Healthy Weight

Strict school lunch standards that are similar to new regulations from the U.S. government may be tied to healthier body weights among students, according to a new study.

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Vaccine Confusion Blocks N.Y. Girl From School

A New York City kindergartner has been blocked from school over her mom's refusal to give her the chicken pox vaccine.

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Number of Snow Days Worries Rural Minn. Districts Over Testing

The words "snow day" may be one of the sweetest combinations any student can hear, but they cause major headaches for school administrators. During this year's tough winter, many rural Minnesota school districts repeatedly cancelled school.

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Parents Back Bill to Let Fla. Schools Stock EpiPens

Tom Bohacek has an EpiPen at his Tampa preschool in case he accidentally eats a peanut product. Not all Florida children are that lucky.

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Guns in Ind. Schools Likely to be Optional

Lawmakers are likely to scale back controversial legislation Tuesday that would have made Indiana the first state in the nation to require every public school to have an armed staff member or security guard.

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Slightly Fewer Children Eligible for Gifted Classes in N.Y.

The number of children qualifying for seats in gifted programs in New York City public schools declined slightly this year after the Department of Education overhauled its admissions process in part to combat a recent explosion in eligibility.

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