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Hyundai and Bronx Elementary students celebrate launch of new blended learning initiative

Approximately 3,000 students and 150 teachers at the following schools will benefit from Hyundai’s initiative: P.S. 121 The Throop School, P.S. 91 Bronx, P.S. 1 Courtlandt, P.S. 46 Edgar Allen Poe, P.S. 61 Francisco Oller and P.S. 163 Arthur Schomburg. Hyundai’s grant expands these schools’ existing ST Math® program, which includes visually-based instructional software, teacher training and ongoing educational support.

Black boys have an easier time fitting in at suburban schools than black girls

Minority young men are considered by their white peers to be cool and tough; minority young women, on the other hand, are stereotyped as "ghetto" and "loud."

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Fort Worth schools superintendent says top issue is to increase student achievement

Improving student achievement and enhancing educational opportunities in Fort Worth schools rank high among goals outlined by Superintendent Walter Dansby.

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More Florida students heading to charter schools

More students are enrolling in Pinellas County’s charter schools then ever before, but some School Board members worry it’s at the detriment of public schools.

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Charter schools need budget cops

Too many charter schools are failing — and creating an enormous disruption in the lives of students, families and neighborhood schools.

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Vermont schools to try new standardized tests

Student test scores in Vermont could drop when more rigorous standards take effect and students start taking a new education test in 2015.

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Fairfax County (Va.) Public Schools face $140M budget shortfall

Unable to keep pace with growing enrollment and increasing costs, schools are facing a deficit that could translate into staff cuts and furloughs, the elimination of foreign language instruction in elementary schools, and larger class sizes.

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Grand Rapids Schools superintendent embarking on second community listening tour

Grand Rapids Schools Superintendent Teresa Weatherall Neal announced Friday, Oct. 18, she would embark on a second listening tour to hear from parents, students, employees and community members about how the district is doing.

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Bloomfield (N.J.) BOE selects middle school principal as new superintendent in 5-3 vote

After a five-month search, the board of education voted 5-3 to appoint Salvatore Goncalves, principal of Bloomfield Middle School, to take the reins of the 6,100-student district.

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New state school Superintendent Carey Wright backs Common Core, pre-K in Missisisppi

Incoming state school Superintendent Carey Wright gave strong endorsements Thursday to the new Common Core education standards and prekindergarten education.

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