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Anonymous texts join battle against bullying

Bullies may use text messages to harass their classmates. But many school districts now have anonymous texting systems that let students alert administrators to the bullies themselves.

DC mayor emphasizes continuity in first education address

In his first speech dedicated to education, Mayor Vince Gray refrained from laying out any dramatic new proposals, instead highlighting the city's recent successes in public education and stressing the need for continuity.

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Washington state lawmakers have one choice on education funding

Washington state Superintendent Randy Dorn has repeatedly told lawmakers that anything less than $1.4 billion in new revenue over the next biennium will not satisfy even the minimum requirements of the 2007 McCleary lawsuit, requires the state to live up to its constitutional duty to make ample provision for the education of all Washington children.

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Unequal ed spending threatens U.S. global competitiveness

The U.S. education system is slipping behind other nations, and the widening achievement gap between rich and poor students is threatening the country's global competitiveness, according to a new report from the Council on Foreign Relations.

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Classical schools are putting Plato before the iPad

In Maryland, a group of students ponder which depiction of the Nativity shows true beauty: A 14th-century Giotto, a 16th-century Barocci or a 20th-century William Congdon. The students attend just one of several hundred “classical” schools around the country—institutions designed to reflect the history of Western civilization, rather than the latest classroom trends.

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Mead and Five Star brands join the TeacherLists.com site for the 2013 back-to-school season

School supply lists have been a staple of the back-to-school experience for millions of families for decades, and Mead® and Five Star® notebooks and accessories have been on those lists as brands teachers trust and recommend for just as long. Now – through the new TeacherLists.com service – those lists are easier for teachers to post and share and easier for parents to find.

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New report shows states’ graduation requirements out of sync with Common Core

Many Common Core States Have Yet to Define a Common Core-worthy Diploma,” found that of the 45 states that have voluntarily adopted Common Core, only 11 have aligned their graduation requirements in mathematics with those standards.

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New myCore coaching functionality promotes collaboration with common core aligned lessons

Insight Education Group, K-12 education’s partner in connecting teacher effectiveness and the Common Core, is thrilled to announce its flagship Common Core solution, myCore, which offers teachers on-demand support in creating rigorous, engaging, standards-aligned lessons.

Lax education in humanities, social sciences spark outcry

A new report argues that humanities and social sciences are as essential to the country's economic and civic future as science and technology. The study, commissioned in 2010 by a bipartisan group of members of the Congress and conducted by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, comes at a time when the value of liberal arts is being challenged.

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Kids Read Now expands summer reading program

Through its CGI Commitment to Action, Kids Read Now has committed to helping stop the summer slide with an expansion of its summer program focused on first through third graders.