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Rethink offers student behavioral challenge support to teachers

Rethink has launched a management and tracking platform that helps teachers improve student behavior. The new mobile-based Behavior Support tool helps teachers to identify student behavior challenges and provide personal attention to students, by eliminating paperwork and helping teachers customize their behavior invention plans.

New Ma. fingerprinting law adds duplication to already costly, confusing process

A well-intentioned law to expand national fingerprinting background checks for school employees has been crucial for the safety of the commonwealth’s most vulnerable residents: its children. The problem, however, is that the implementation of the law leads to multiple, repetitive background checks and unnecessary, costly layers of government bureaucracy.

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Oklahoma virtual charter school board still faces problems

The board of The Oklahoma Statewide Virtual Charter School faces an uncertain future in terms of their extended support from the State Department of Education due to unclear language in the bill that created it.

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Common ground: Educating border kids

The nearly 50,000 unaccompanied children that will soon enter our public schools, burdening taxpayers and schools that are already overcrowded and challenged to meet higher academic standards. Religious schools could take more immigrant students, and there should be government vouchers to pay for them. There is also common ground on the need for immigrant students to learn English and American history.

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California district looking for school consultant for unaccompanied immigrant students

Oakland USD is hiring an unaccompanied minors consultant to work with the unprecedented number of immigrant children arriving from Central America in the past year. The support services consultant will help unaccompanied immigrant students find legal help and counseling, health and educational services.

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20 Ohio schools see ratings drop after data fixed

The state will lower the report card ratings for 20 Columbus schools that it found had cheated their way to better grades by omitting children who were often absent or had poor test scores. The Ohio Department of Education is issuing changes to three years’ worth of recalculated Columbus City Schools report cards. Now, the department is left to decide whether educators who manipulated student data should be punished.

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Oklahoma district sees major jump in enrollment, staff trying to keep up

Teachers in Mustang are getting ready to welcome a lot more students back to school. The Mustang School District’s enrollment has risen 10 percent since last year with kindergarten through the third grade seeing the most explosive growth.

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Utah schools have dozens of openings before school starts

Some Utah school districts are struggling to fill all their teaching positions with just days before the new school year begins. The Salt Lake City School District has about double the number of openings it would normally have at this time of year.

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Central American wave of unaccompanied children tests schools

Public schools are returning from summer break to face a challenge: integrating and paying for the influx of children who have streamed across the Mexican border this year. Because the children generally lack English skills, have often received limited schooling and may have suffered emotional trauma, they present schools with a host of needs that could strain resources.

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Opinion: Online assessment—Breaking away from ‘bubble sheets’

Proponents say online assessment is the wave of the future. Opponents say teachers and students aren’t ready. Students from poverty may be at a disadvantage, they argue. I would counter that school should be the place that levels the playing field.