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Environmental education curriculum now available

Kindergarten through second grade teachers can now access Think Earth materials to teach students about the environment and the everyday behaviors that can help protect it. Updated Think Earth units for third grade will be available in September, and grades four through eight will be available online in 2015 and 2016.

SPARK joins forces to combat childhood obesity

School Specialty's SPARK teamed up with KIDS in the GAME and ICAN Foundation to provide the Oakhurst Intermediate School in Mississippi with resources to develop a comprehensive physical education and health program. SPARK also collaborates with other supporting organizations to promote active and healthy living.

New computer-adaptive screener and diagnostic tool debuted

Designed for administration in the fall, winter and spring, RAPID (Reading Assessment for Prescriptive Instructional Data) Assessment uses a computer-adaptive process to identify and monitor reading and language skills for students in grades 3–12 so that teachers can quickly acquire actionable data for instruction and measure the long-term growth of each student’s skills.

Schools think students don't want to learn computer science

Times have never been better for computer science workers. Jobs in computing are growing at twice the national rate of other types of jobs. By 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be 1 million more computer science-related jobs than graduating students qualified to fill them.

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Federal intervention in schools? It happens less than critics think

Both the House and Senate versions of the updated No Child Left Behind Act are devised to prevent the federal government from doing something it has hardly ever done: force state and local governments to overhaul low-performing schools.

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Schools in Baltimore suburbs address growth in minority enrollment

Across Baltimore's suburbs, school districts are hiring more translators, updating policies and taking other steps to address the demographic shift that includes an influx of Hispanic and Asian students.

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Ongoing student churn staggers Kansas City schools

Sixteen years ago, the first charter schools opened in Kansas City with the promise of ending a student exodus from the city’s public schools. But state data show that mission has failed, leaving hundreds of students to spiral between district and charter schools in a public education system still losing children.

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Farming programs hitting Hawaii public schools

Farm/garden programs are becoming very popular in public schools. They’re sprouting up on 75 percent of campuses in Hawaii.

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Timeout for opt-outs?

A new poll suggests that a majority of adults think annual standardized testing is a good thing. They’re not as fond of the opt-out movement.

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North Carolina district opening school short 100 teachers

The Wake County school system will open traditional-calendar schools today with 100 teaching vacancies and uncertainty about how many teacher assistants will be funded by the state this school year.

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