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Georgia committee approves school takeover bill

The House Education Committee passed Gov. Nathan Deal’s two bills to empower the state to seize control of schools deemed to be chronically failing. The state would be able remove principals, transfer teachers, change what students are learning and control the schools’ budgets.

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Senate committee agrees to guns on public school campuses

Florida's Senate Criminal Justice Committee passed a bill to allow school district superintendents and principals to appoint teachers and school employees to carry a concealed weapon on public school campuses. School safety designees could include active-duty military members, military veterans, and active or retired law enforcement officers.

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Suspending students for marijuana could lead to more drug use, study finds

Suspending students who use drugs may not be the most effective method for schools to curb youngsters' marijuana use. A new study found that zero-tolerance drug policies increased the likelihood that students who had been disciplined for marijuana use would use again. It also made their classmates more likely to do so.

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Kentucky high court hears case about school liability in suicides

This week, the Kentucky Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether schools can be held liable for failing to stem bullying that causes a student's suicide. The teachers and administrators have prevailed in two lower courts, but the Supreme Court will decide whether to reinstate the lawsuit in a case that could have major consequences with the prevalence of bullying.

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Improving school lunches with chefs

With so many children getting about half of their daily calories from school meals, it’s critical that school cafeterias provide healthier options. The latest research suggests one way to get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables is for schools to develop menus with chefs.

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The role of parents in improving school diversity

Public-education systems struggle with a lack of racial and economic diversity. In many cities, the choice of a school is an individual family’s decision that can become entangled with the future health of the school system itself. We are likely to see more equality in these systems when more families are willing to elect to send their kids to schools dominated by lower-class minority populations.

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Chicago schools' debt rating drops again, could trigger millions in penalties

A second major bond rating agency has downgraded Chicago Public Schools' debt, a move that could cost the district as much as $228 million. The move aggravates the already considerable financial problems at the district, which is projecting a $1.14 billion budget deficit next year.

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Feeling alone as the opportunity gap widens for kids

As Americans, historically we’ve wanted public schools to create a level playing field. Schools must be part of the solution. We shouldn’t blame teachers or districts. They’re just dealing with what they’ve been given. Districts don’t decide their own boundaries, but saying that doesn’t absolve us from how schools can help.

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SchoolInfoApp introduces new school and district mobile app features

Mobile apps by SchoolInfoApp now allow students to securely display their official school ID on their iPhone, Android or other smartphone with scannable barcodes and pertinent information. Another new feature allows teachers to issue digital hall passes to help with schools' out-of-class management policies and procedures.

Maryland county expands partnership with Discovery Education

Carroll County Public Schools will bring Discovery Education’s new digital math textbook to its middle and high school classrooms districtwide. Math Techbook features Common Core and state standards-aligned math content, interactives, videos, digital tools and game activities.