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School nurses' duties expand with changing times

The Boy Scout motto of "be prepared" equally applies to today's school nurses, who not only deal with the typical bruises and tummy aches that have always been part of school life, but must now contend with a student population that is increasingly more medically fragile. As school systems face budget cuts, nurses must also adapt to a "migrant" lifestyle as they are assigned to several schools during a work week.

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When sleep becomes productive in Virginia schools

High school students in Fairfax County, Va., may soon get to hit the snooze button, as the district partners with sleep specialists to delay school start times in hopes of raising academic achievement and improving student health.

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Social media monitoring of schools may have saved a life

Glendale USD in southern California has taken an unprecedented step in bullying and crime prevention by paying a company to analyze students’ public posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media.

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Many school systems lack the means to evaluate teacher effectiveness

Teachers are the single most important factor in student learning. Yet, our field as a whole spends little time ensuring that only the best teachers enter our classrooms—and even less time ensuring that the best teachers feel supported.

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Lack of school tech leaders slows progress

Districts that don’t have a full time chief technology officer may have a harder time keeping up with E-rate modernization and the shift to online testing, technology experts say.

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CIOs are not just techies anymore

The job now emands collaborative leadership, instructional skills, and (don’t forget) cutting edge technical expertis.

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Time for a social studies revival?

Some educators are making a push to bring a renewed emphasis to social studies, as subjects like history and civics have taken a backseat to math, science and English in the nation’s rush to improve academic achievement.

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More schools choose a four-day week

While some districts are leaning toward year-round schedules, some are actually shortening the week as budgets continue to drop and state officials allow scheduling flexibility.

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Football fatalities increase need for sports safety

In September, a 16-year-old high school football player from Brocton Central School District in western New York died after being knocked unconscious by a helmet-to-helmet collision during a game.

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Protecting students and faculty from irreparable data loss

It’s important to understand the latest issues, technologies, and trends affecting data protection in K12 institutions to safeguard critical information.