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Exactly What The Common Core Standards Say About Technology

Reactions usually involve the added demand these standards place on text complexity and general rigor. Since they’re only available for English-Language Arts and Math, it’s difficult to get a full picture for how they will impact public education, but some inferences can be made based on the set of ELA standards.

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Filling In The Gap On Climate Education In Classrooms

For the first time, new K-12 science standards issued in April include climate change. But the standards, written by a consortium of science and education groups in consultation with 26 states, are only voluntary and could take years to roll out.

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Voters Turn Down Construction on Knox (Ind.) Elementary School

If the referendum passed, the plan was to rebuild the school from the boiler to the classrooms.

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Bond Election Delay Causes Construction Worries for Utah School Board

There's been a delay in the start of construction for the Cache County School District's building bond election because of a technical violation, but Cache School Superintendent Steve Norton said it looks like there's a good chance the original schedule can possibly be met.

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Short Throw Projector Features Improved Interactivity, Added Brightness

Providing educators and business users with the most feature-rich, budget-friendly, short-throw projector, Optoma has begun shipping the TW610STi+, designed to produce large, high-resolution images when space is tight. 3D-ready in 720p HD and offering state-of-the-art remote command and control via Crestron RoomView® technology, the TW610STi+ features PointBlank 3.0 interactive technology and delivers 3200 ANSI lumens of brightness, all at a suggested price of $999.

When Being Fired Becomes an Epiphany

This Illinois superintendent went corporate and then returned to education with a greater focus.

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KnowRe Offers Free One-year Access To Pilot Schools

The pilot program offers schools exclusive features such as the Teacher Dashboard in addition to KnowRe's state of the art assessment technology and adaptive curriculum.

Rebuilding Trust in New York

Following a financial scandal a decade ago, this district bounced back stronger than ever.

Reading Wonders

Discover how the McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders program unlocks the Common Core Standards through a digital, dynamic and engaging student/teacher experience.

The Benefits of Google Chromebooks and Apps for Education

Attend our web seminar to learn the keys to a successful 1:1 computing implementation, and the power of the web for transforming teaching and learning.