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Fujitsu to implement ConnectEdBC, a new student information system for schools

Fujitsu has partnered with Follett Corporation to implement the next-generation SIS that will play a pivotal role in the transformation of learning empowered by technology. ConnectEdBC will help teachers to plan a more personalized learning experience with students and their parents.

After years of decline, a Boston school rebounds

A Dorchester elementary school has gone from one of the worst in the state to one of the best—in only three years.

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Lack of sex education in Oklahoma City schools raises questions

Oklahoma's largest school district no longer offers sex education courses, choosing instead to teach related content that applies to core subjects like physiology and elective courses such as adult and family living.

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Study: Wealthy N.Y. schools spend 80% more than poor

The New York State United Teachers union says the spending gap points to issues with the state’s 2 percent property-tax cap, which the group is trying to overturn in court.

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Parent involvement at L.A. schools getting new look

An increasing number of community and civil rights groups are reaching out to immigrants to boost activism in education.

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What Asian schools can teach the rest of the world

The most impressive performance of Shanghai's students is actually not on the tasks that ask them to simply reproduce what they have learned, but on tasks where they need to extrapolate from what they know and apply their knowledge creatively in novel situations.

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Indiana town losing elementary, high schools

The leaders of a financially struggling school district in southwestern Indiana have decided to shut down both the high school and elementary school in a small town amid declining enrollment and revenue.

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Seeing the toll, schools revise zero tolerance

Faced with mounting evidence that get-tough policies in schools are leading to arrest records, low academic achievement and high dropout rates that especially affect minority students, cities and school districts around the country are rethinking their approach to minor offenses.

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PISA results show ‘educational stagnation’ in U.S.

U.S. students continue to perform poorly on international tests, with 15-year-olds scoring in the middle of the global pack on the latest math, reading and science tests administered by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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How I help all my students to be good at math

The idea of innate math ability is very harmful to both those who believe they possess it and to those who believe they don’t.

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